New Release: v5.1 of SharePointDsc is out!
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When deploying or managing a SharePoint environment, you don't just manage SharePoint but also other configuration like IIS, optimizations, security hardening, etc. Over the past years I have worked with many customers. Recently I decided to combine what I had learned there into one comprehensive configuration and share that with you! v5.1 now includes a flexible farm configuration, which you can find here. Instructions on how to use the example can be found here. Let us know if you have any improvement suggestions!


But of course, v5.1 also includes several bugfixes and other improvements. Checkout the change log below for more information.


You can find the SharePointDsc v5.1 in the PowerShell Gallery.


NOTE: We can always use additional help in making SharePointDsc even better. So if you are interested in contributing to SharePointDsc, check-out the open issues in the issue list, check-out this post in our Wiki or leave a comment on this blog post.


Improvement/Fixes in v5.1:


  • SharePointDsc
    • Added generic unit tests files to quickly run all or a specific unit test
    • Updated pipeline scripts to a recent version
    • Added an extensive flexible configuration to deploy a SharePoint environment
  • SPDistributedCacheService
    • Added documentation to clarify the use of the ServerProvisionOrder parameter
  • SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer
    • Added parameters to support OIDC authentication in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition
  • SPWebAppPeoplePickerSettings
    • Added the PeopleEditorOnlyResolveWithinSiteCollection parameter to the resource
  • SharePointDsc
    • Updated ReverseDsc version requirement to to fix an issue with Exporting an array of CIM instances
  • SPFarm
    • Suppress a useless reboot that was triggered once a server joined the farm
    • Suppress a useless 5 minutes sleep triggered once a server joined the farm
  • SPSearchIndexPartition
    • Fixed issue where the Get method returned multiple values when using multiple index components
    • Fixed issue the Export would place quotes around a variable in the output
  • SPSearchTopology
    • Fixed issue the Export would place quotes around a variable in the output
  • SPTrustedRootAuthority
    • Fixed issue where certificates not in the Personal store could not be used
  • Add-SPDscConfigDBLock
    • Fixed issue where a Farm configuration Database could not contain a dash '-'

A huge thanks to the following guys helping with submitting Pull Requests, testing deployments and submitting issues:
Yvan Duhamel and Christoph Hannappel!


Also a huge thanks to everybody else who submitted issues and all that support this project. It wasn’t possible without all of your help!


For more information about how to install and use SharePointDsc, check our Wiki.


Let us know in the comments what you think of this release! If you find any issues, please submit them in the issue list on GitHub.


Happy SharePointing!!

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