SharePoint "Pin to Top" from sub folders to display in main Documents folder.

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We've recently upgraded to SharePoint and with it brought our shared drives onto the main site. Everything is great so far! It's just with quite a few teams using the site, they'd like the option to pin a specific folder(s) to the main "Documents" folder. Currently you can select your personalised view but this will only display the pinned folders when your are in the specific folder directory. Would there be a way that the pinned folders across the entire library could be pulled through to the main Document folder?

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Hi @Acarnir,


I do not believe it is possible. See Highlight a file, folder, or link in a document library


Note: The highlight area is specific to a single folder or library view. When using custom views, you need to pin the item in each view where you want it to appear.


A couple of workarounds include:

  • a "no folders" view with the relevant files pinned (may not be the best use experience)
  • use the "highlighted content" web part on a site page to promote the content (best option IMO)

I hope this helps.



Hi Norm


Ah I see, unfortunately the no folder view wouldn't be feasible due to the volume of folders and sub folders. I am interested in the web part, we do have a main page dedicated to news articles etc, I could tinker around and see what could work with folders that way.


Appreciate the response, thank you.

 @Norman Young 

Are they looking to pin folders in the root directory for all users to see? So basically shortcuts? If so you can utilize the "Link" option in the New menu in the library, and just create a shortcut to the other folders from the root level if that's the case.