Why Office 365 customers need to consider Enterprise Mobility + Security
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First published on CloudBlogs on Apr 18, 2017
Office 365, apart from being the global standard for productivity, provides built-in fundamental management and security capabilities to help protect your company data as you embrace mobility and cloud. If you are responsible for providing a great end user computing environment for your organization, you are facing other changes such as:
  • New types of users - task workers, outside collaborators and other contributors will need access to your company information via the Office mobile apps, and eventually a larger subset of your app portfolio.
  • Users need to access Office 365 resources from a variety of locations.
  • Your cloud-based app portfolio will expand beyond Office mobile apps.
  • Information needs to be shared more freely inside and outside your organization, while maintaining security
  • You need to constantly re-assess and redefine your security posture based on a dynamic, changing threat landscape.
These changes surface a need to surround your Office 365 deployment with robust management and security capabilities . Office 365 capabilities need to be augmented by a comprehensive mobility solution that protects against threats both on-premises and in the cloud, securely delivers Office 365 and other applications on any device , and safeguards critical corporate assets . To achieve this, you need to consider and build out three fundamental capabilities; each of which span across component technologies, and are seamlessly delivered by EMS.
  1. Secure, streamlined access to all the corporate resources (like apps and files) your employees and outside collaborators need to be productive regardless of location and device.
  2. Managed mobility capabilities that empower users to do more on their devices, while keeping organizational assets protected; these capabilities need to transfer smoothly across device management policies (eg. BYOD, CYOD, enrolled and non-enrolled scenarios) and across various types of apps (eg. Office 365, LOB Apps, 3rd party SaaS apps).
  3. Advanced security capabilities that constantly listen and learn from the ever-changing threat landscape, thereby anticipating, detecting and responding to threats as they emerge.
Explore our new ebook to discover the EMS capabilities that help you achieve this, and watch our upcoming webinar series to see it all in action. Happy exploring!
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