Use IE on Your Mac, iOS and, Android Devices!

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First published on CloudBlogs on Nov, 07 2014
On Monday we published a preview of the next version of IE in Azure RemoteApp – a service we’ve been working on that rewrites Remote Desktop Services as a 100% cloud service. This means that Azure RemoteApp has essentially infinite scale and runs on the globally available Azure Cloud platform. To try it for yourself visit: In the 5 short days since its launch, the response has been awesome – there have been 10,000’s of unique users coming up to try the upcoming version of IE. I encourage you to check it out and keep sharing the great feedback. Earlier today I was reviewing the telemetry and feedback with the Azure RemoteApp team, and one thing really jumped out at me: By far the bulk of the endpoints being used to access this service are Macs. Pairing this fact with the some of the feedback we’ve received thus far indicates what one of the most common uses of Azure RemoteApp is going to be. Just about every enterprise organization has a significant inventory of internal-facing Windows applications that have been built over the past 10+ years, and a significant portion of these are web apps. What we’ve learned over the past four days is that many of these apps are not compatible with Safari. With IE running in on Azure RemoteApp, users of Macs and iOS can now access a broader set of the web apps – apps that are known to be compatible with IE, but not Safari. I am curious to learn how interested you would be in this scenario. If using RemoteApp to host IE is an interesting scenario to you, tell us more about how you’d use it and include the hashtag #remoteIE. We are really close to announcing the GA and packaging/pricing of Azure RemoteApp – this is going to be exciting!
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