Use Communication Compliance to monitor Microsoft Teams, emails, manage risk and more

Published Feb 20 2020 06:00 AM 48K Views
Update July 28, 2020: Please see these recent updates Foster a culture of inclusion and safety with Microsoft Teams and Communication Compliance

At Ignite last November, we announced the preview of Communication Compliance, part of the new Insider Risk Management solution set in Microsoft 365.

Since Ignite, we’ve been hard at work developing the ability to scale and deliver a solution that leverages machine learning to quickly identify and take action on code of conduct policy violations in company communications channels. This builds upon the investments we have made in helping regulated organizations meet specific supervisory compliance requirements.

Feedback from customers during the preview has been phenomenal. Key delighters are the ability to:

  • Leverage built-in machine learning classifiers to detect code of conduct violation (harassment, threat, profanities)
  • Conversation threading, keyword highlighting, exact & near duplicates, filters for efficient review
  • Built-in remediation workflows to quickly act on violations
  • Support for multiple company communications channels, including Microsoft Teams messages, Yammer, Exchange email, Skype for Business Online, and third parties such as Instant Bloomberg

Today, we move to the next phase and are excited to announce the general availability of Communication Compliance. Now, all multi-tenant customers worldwide can access this solution. Communication Compliance helps your organization identify and take action on code of conduct policy violations with:

  • Machine learning at scale to intelligently detect violations in company communications channels
  • Flexible remediation workflows to quickly act on violations in collaboration across your organization
  • Actionable insights through an interactive dashboard with policy violations, actions and trends

Communication Compliance classifiersCommunication Compliance classifiers

Following is a demo of Communication Compliance in action:


We encourage customers who are currently using Supervision in Office 365 to use the new Communication Compliance solution to address your regulatory requirements with a much richer set of intelligent capabilities.  Communication Compliance is part of the Microsoft 365 E5 suite, and you can sign up for a trial or navigate to the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center to get started today. 


Learn more about what’s new with Communication Compliance and how to configure policies in your tenant in this supporting documentation.  We look forward to hearing your feedback. 


Everything new is now E5 only... E3 license is getting less and less valued even compared to M365B licenses, don't you think?

Frequent Contributor

it is not enabled on my tenant

Respected Contributor

Is this available for government tenants?

@Dean Gross not yet, this is something we are currently working on (GCC support) so please stay tune.

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How can communication policies be created for specific regions of the world? e.g.. The sensitive information policy may need to be different in various countries to account for the relevant Sensitive Info types/

Dean you could easily create a policy targeted at Europeans employee that only looks at GDPR sensitive info type and have another one for the US that looks at US specific sensitive info types.

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Thanks, I understand how to do that for the users, but what about for the SPO/ODfB Sites that are geolocated?

Communication compliance does not analyze SPO/ODfB content to date but good point to consider in the future.

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Are there reports from O365/Teams/Azure that tells us how much time a user spends on Teams?

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what exactly changed with Communication Compliance recently? Did it suddenly 'break' for anyone else? I noticed that the whitepaper has a date of August 7th, 2020 and when I look at the "Roles" they are different than when I set up CC a couple of months ago. thanks!

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Teams used in schools should be allowed to have communication compliance at all levels of licensing if only to help districts with cyber-bullying.

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