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As a Microsoft 365 administrator or compliance administrator, you can evaluate and then tag content in your organization in order to control where it goes, protect it no matter where it is and to ensure that it is preserved and deleted according your your organizations needs.


This is done through the application of sensitivity labels, retention labels, and sensitive information type classification. There are various ways to do the discovery, evaluation and tagging, but the end result is that you may have very large numbers of documents and emails that are tagged and classified with one or both of these labels. After you apply your retention labels and sensitivity labels, you’ll want to see how the labels are being used across your tenant and what is being done with those items.


With the new unified analytics dashboard we provide a dashboard that summarizes key data as well as the Activity Explorer and Content Explorer tools to help understand the data in detail.





Thanks to those of you who participated in our previews so far. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our preview programs page and our resources available on the Tech Community.



Written by @Nir Hendler , posted by @Adam Bell  on behalf of the MIP and Compliance CXE team

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