TS Client 6.0 Feedback

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First published on CloudBlogs on Jan, 12 2007

Since we released the client on the Windows Update site, we received a lot of feedback in our blog, in the TS forum at TechNet, and in newsgroups about issues with the new client. We are compiling and analyzing all the feedback. Nelly is driving this effort. She and the rest of the team have been active in the comments area of the blog, the forum, and in newsgroups, soliciting more detailed reports and responding to questions.

Again for your reference, you can get the client by following the links here . If you want to leave feedback, you can do so using any of the usual channels:

  • You can leave your comments in response to the original post on the blog .
  • You can join the discussion at the Terminal Services Forum on TechNet .
  • You can post on the Terminal Services newsgroup microsoft.public.windows.terminal_services .
  • You can use the contact form at http://blogs.msdn.com/ts/contact.aspx . This is a good way especially if you are reporting a bug because it gives us a bit of contact info to get in touch with you, and it lets you do so without posting personal details on a public forum. If you are reporting what you think is a bug, please put the key phrase “TS Client 6.0 - Bug:” in the subject line to help us distinguish your report from other feedback that comes through the form.

Please keep the feedback coming. We very much appreciate it.

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