The Virtual Ninja Show | Season 5 Episode 5! Event ended



Sep 25 2023, 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT)
Published on Sep 20 2023 01:04 PM (PDT) by Trevor Rusher Community Manager
Edited on Oct 02 2023 09:21 AM (PDT)

Improve your security posture with Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR


This episode is all about the managed extended detection and response service Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR. Learn how it brings expertise to your team to triage, investigate, and respond to incidents quickly and improve your security posture. Service Delivery Managers Sebastian Molendijk and Meiko Lopez share how they help customers drive security operations center efficiency and help teams stay ahead of emerging threats with an end-to-end, turnkey experience.

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Thanks for joining us! Our Season 5 finale: The next evolution of automatic attack disruption airs Tuesday, October 12th at 9 AM PT!

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