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The next version of RMS Protection Tool is now available!
Published Sep 08 2018 08:29 AM 10.1K Views
First published on CloudBlogs on Mar 28, 2016
Hello everyone, Happy Monday! We received considerable kudos and feedback on the first version of our RMS Protection Tool. Shubha and her team has been active all this while building some of the top new features you have asked for.  Here she will talk about the v2 release in more detail. Hi folks, RMS Protection Tool contains PowerShell cmdlets designed for developers and IT professionals who want to use scripting mechanisms to bulk protect and unprotect documents. We shipped the first version last year and it has been a huge hit with customers and partners alike. We’re now excited to announce the v2 GA release of the RMS Protection Tool ! With this release, we have added several new capabilities that you have asked for. Some top additions include:
  1. The ability to encrypt and decrypt content on Azure RMS as a user, a super user, or a service principal - The previous version focused on encryption and decryption for AD RMS only, so this is a great improvement and a much needed functionality for our Azure RMS admins, and partners.
  2. Support for PST decryption and Outlook email messages (.RPMSG files) - This was the most voted/required functionality for eDiscovery personnel, auditors and security analysts.
  3. Fixes for several customer-reported bugs.
And we have definitely kept its usage simple. Below is an example of how to decrypt a PST file as a service principal in Azure RMS: PS C:> Unprotect-RMSFile -File "C:Test.pst" -OutputFolder "C:Temp" InputFile     DecryptedFile ---------     -------------------- C:Test.pst   C:TempTest.pst   With this, many automated scenarios such as eDiscovery and DLP integration are enabled both on AD RMS and Azure RMS. Finally, we are announcing that the RMS Protection Tool replaces the AD RMS Bulk Protection Tool. Support for the AD RMS Bulk Protection Tool will stop in 12 months (March 2017), and those binaries will be removed from Download center at that time.   As always, if you have any questions, email us at Thanks, Shubha
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