The Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention Ninja Training is here!
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April 2024 Update


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The Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention Ninja Training is here!


We are very excited and pleased to announce this rendition of the Ninja Training Series. With all the other training out there, our team has been working diligently to get this content out there. There are several videos and resources out there and the overall purpose of the Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention Ninja training is to help you master this realm. We aim to get you up-to-date links to the community blogs, training videos, Interactive Guides, learning paths, and any other relevant documentation. 


To make it easier for you to start and advance your knowledge gradually without throwing you in deep waters, we split content in each offering into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  


Please find the Microsoft Purview Information Protection Ninja Training here.


In addition, after each section, there will be a knowledge check based on the training material you’d have just finished! Since there’s a lot of content, the goal of these knowledge checks is to help you determine if you were able to get a few of the major key takeaways.  


There’ll be a fun certificate issued at the end of the training: Disclaimer: This is NOT an official Microsoft certification and only acts as a way of recognizing your participation in this training content. 


Lastly, this training will be updated one to two times a year to ensure you all have the latest and greatest material! 


If there's any topic you'd like for us to include and/or have any thoughts on this training, please let us know what you think below in the comments!




Microsoft Documentation 










Scenario Based Demo (Video) 


Deployment Acceleration Guide


Microsoft Information Protection (old terminology for Microsoft Purview Information Protection)


Azure Information Protection 


Unified Labeling Client 


Sensitive Information Type 


Role-based access control 


Endpoint DLP 


Office 365 Message Encryption 


Exact Data Match 


Data Loss Prevention 


SharePoint Online 


Optical character recognition 


Microsoft Cloud App Security (old terminology for Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps)


Trainable Classifiers 


OneDrive SharePoint 


Exchange Online 


Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


Microsoft’s DLP solution provides a broad range of capabilities to address the modern workplace and the unique challenges represented by these very different scenarios.


One of the key investment areas is in providing a unified and comprehensive solution across the many different kinds of environments and services where sensitive data is stored, used or shared. This includes platforms native to Microsoft and also non-Microsoft services and apps.


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Beginner Training

  1. Public forums to contact the overall information protection team
  2. Introducing Microsoft Purview (V)
    • In this video, hear from Microsoft executives on this new product family and our vision for the future of data governance.
  3. Introduction to Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention? (V)
    • In this video, you’ll find an overview on Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention.
  4. Quick overview on new Exchange DLP Predicates (V)
    • This video provides a quick walk through on creating an Exchange DLP policy and a soft focus on the new predicates and actions.
  5. Microsoft Purview Information Protection Framework (D)
    • Check out the above documentation to see how Microsoft Purview Information Protection uses 3 pillars to deploy an information protection solution.
  6. Protect Data with Zero Trust (LP)
    • Zero Trust isn't a tool or product, it's an essential security strategy, with data at its core. Here, you'll learn how to identify and protect your data using a Zero Trust approach.
  7. Learn about data loss prevention (D) 
    • Learn about DLP basics and Microsoft Unified DLP and why it’s uniquely positioned to protect your data in the cloud.  
  8. How to secure your data with Microsoft Security (V)
    • The above video is a quick summary on how to protect your data.
  9. Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention Roadmap (S)
    • Please check out the above site on the latest items on our public roadmap.
  10. Microsoft Purview Information Protection support for PDF and GitHub (V) and Ignite Conversation (V)
    • The above videos walk through announcements regarding support for PDF and GitHub
  11. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps integration (D)
    • Please visit the above documentation to learn more about how Microsoft Purview Information Protection integrates with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  12. Trainable Classifiers (D)
    • Check out the documentation to create custom trainable classifiers.
  13. Retrain a classifier in content explorer (D)
    • The above documentation shows you how to improve the performance of custom trainable classifiers by providing them more feedback.
  14. Explain data loss prevention reporting capabilities (LP)
    • The above learning path walks you through reporting in the Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal.
  15. Review and analyze data loss prevention reports (LP)
    • The above learning path walks you through analyzing reports in the Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal.

Beginner Knowledge Check


Intermediate Training

  1. Microsoft Compliance Extension for Chrome (B) aka Microsoft Purview Extension (D)
    • Please check out the above blog and Microsoft Doc to understand what we’re doing to expand our DLP capabilities to Chrome.
  2. Microsoft Purview extension for Firefox (D)
    • The above documentation details procedures to roll out the Microsoft Purview extension for Firefox.
  3. Data Loss Prevention and Endpoint DLP (V)
    • This video details how Microsoft approaches information protection across Files, emails, Teams, endpoints and others.
  4. How DLP works between the Compliance portal and Exchange admin center (D)
    • You can create a data loss prevention (DLP) policy in two different admin centers; the above document walks through the differences and similarities.
  5. Data Loss Prevention across endpoints, apps, & services | Microsoft Purview (V)
    • This video walks you through how to protect sensitive data everywhere you create, view, and access information with one Data Loss Prevention policy in Microsoft Purview.
  6. Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips Reference Guide (D) and Quick Overview (V)
    • Please check out the above documentation and short video on where we support policy tips.
  7. Create a DLP Policy for Microsoft 365 Online Services (IG)
    • Please use the above interactive guide to see how to create DLP policies.
  8. Apply Microsoft Purview Endpoint DLP to Devices (IG)
    • Please use the above interactive guide to see how to create Endpoint DLP policies.
  9. Sites for testing documentation (S)
    • The above site details locations where you can get sample data.
  10. Scope of DLP Protection for Microsoft Teams (D)
    • The above documentation walks through how DLP protection is applied differently to Teams entities.
  11. Manage DLP alerts in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal (LP)
    • The above learning path walks you through managing DLP alerts.
  12. Endpoint activities you can monitor and best practices (LP)
    • The above learning path walks you through Endpoint DLP activities and best practices.
  13. Troubleshoot and Manage Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention for your Endpoint Devices (B)
    • The above blog goes through a quick guide to troubleshooting Endpoint DLP.
  14. Microsoft Purview DLP Interactive Guides (IG)
    • Please visit the above home page to see the latest interactive guides walking you through DLP.
  15. Learn how to investigate Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention alerts in Microsoft 365 Defender (B)
    • This blog is a step-by-step guided walkthrough of the Microsoft 365 Defender Analyst experience for Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) incident management.

Intermediate Knowledge Check


Advanced Training

  1. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Data Loss Preventions (D)
    • Please check out the documentation above detailing how the integration to Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps further enhances your data loss prevention plan.
  2. Power BI: Learn about centralized data loss prevention policies (V)
    • This video highlights DLP capabilities with Power BI.
  3. Take a unified and comprehensive approach to prevent data exfiltration with Microsoft (V)
    • This video helps show how we can help you prevent unauthorized sharing, use, and transfer of sensitive information across your applications, services, endpoints, and on-premises file shares – all from a single place.
  4. Onboard macOS devices into Microsoft 365 (D), capability announcement (B), and additional screengrabs (B)
    • Please use the documentation above to deploy macOS devices into Endpoint DLP and check out the blog to see a few screengrabs on how the user experience.
  5. Troubleshooting Guides (D)
    • Please check out the below documentation to find guides on common issues.
  6. Securing data in an AI-first world with Microsoft Purview (B)
    • The above blog details some new updates on AI with Microsoft Purview.
  7. Common questions on Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention for endpoints (B)
    • This guide covers the top-of-mind FAQs on Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention for endpoints (referred to as Endpoint DLP in the blog).
  8. Guidance for investigating Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention incidents (B)
    • This blog provides guidance for choosing the best investigation experience suited for your organization when using Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention.
  9. Data Loss Prevention: From on-premises to cloud (PDF)
    • This whitepaper focuses on why you should move to cloud-native data loss prevention.
  10. The Microsoft Purview DLP Migration Assistant for Symantec (IG)
    • Follow the above IG to get guidance on migrating from Symantec to Microsoft Purview DLP.
  11. Migrating from Windows Information Protection to Microsoft Purview (B)
    • The above blog gives guidance on how to migrate from WIP to the Microsoft Purview stack.
  12. Insider Risk in Conditional Access | Microsoft Entra + Microsoft Purview Adaptive Protection (V)
    • The above video goes through how to protect your organization from insider threats with Microsoft Entra's Conditional Access and Adaptive Protection in Microsoft Purview.
    • Please check out this link for a blog with more details. (B)
  13. Protect sensitive data throughout its Copilot journey (B)
    • The above details how the native integration enables organizations to leverage the power of GenAI when working with sensitive data as Copilot can understand and honor the controls such as encryption and provide comprehensive visibility into usage.
  14. Protect at the speed and scale of AI with Copilot for Security in Microsoft Purview (B)
    • The above blog details the embedded experiences of Copilot for Security in Microsoft Purview (Communication Compliance, Data Loss Prevention, Insider Risk Management, and eDiscovery.
  15. Strengthen protection to mitigate data overexposure in GenAI tools with data classification/labeling (B)
    • The blog above goes into detail on OCR, its cost, and how it goes into the AI Realm with Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention.
  16. Microsoft Purview Exact Data Match (EDM) support for multi-token corroborative evidence (B)
    • The above blog goes into the new feature that improves the accuracy and effectiveness of EDM detection.

Advanced Knowledge Check


Once you’ve finished the training and the knowledge checks, please go to our attestation portal to generate your certificate; you'll see it in your inbox within 3-5 business days (Coming Soon).


We hope you enjoy this training!

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