The CIO/CVP of Cargill Uses the Cloud to Track 20% of the World's Food Supply

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First published on CloudBlogs on Dec 08, 2016
In this episode I kick off my two-part conversation with Justin Kershaw , the CIO & CVP at Cargill – the largest privately held company in the U.S. At any given time, Cargill can have up to 20% of the world’s food in their supply chain, and this means Justin is a very busy man. In the first half of our discussion, we talk about how Cargill uses the cloud to learn from and innovate with data, I quiz Justin on some of the great titles at Cargill (e.g. CIO of Animal Protein & Salt), and he shares some really interesting ideas about how to decide what should stay in a private datacenter vs. a public cloud. . To learn more about how top CIO’s stay secure + productive, check out this new report . Keep an eye out for part 2 of my drive with Justin next Tuesday (Dec. 13). You can also subscribe to these videos here , or watch past episodes here: www .
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