Spotlight on Documentation for Windows Azure Rights Management
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First published on CloudBlogs on Jan, 16 2014

Happy Thursday!

Today, I’m introducing you to Carol Bailey, our technical writer for RMS.  She’ll be posting on this blog to let you know what information is available to help you be successful, and what changes we’ve made to the docs – whether for new functionality, corrections, or clarifications as a result of customer feedback.

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Dan (on behalf of our wonderful team)


Hi, Carol here.  My job is to publish the technical information that you need to be successful with Rights Management (RMS). It’s an exciting time for Rights Management, as we move some of the complexities that are required for on-premises services to the cloud with Windows Azure RMS.  In case you haven’t found them, the core docs for Windows Azure RMS live here on TechNet:

In addition, there is documentation for the Rights Management sharing application, which applies to both Windows Azure RMS and AD RMS:

My top tips for using the docs:

  • Did you know that you can save TechNet library pages in PDF format? Getting technical information from the web helps to ensure it’s up-to-date but there are often times when you don’t have a (good) Internet connection and want to more conveniently read directly from your favorite device.  You can do this by signing in to TechNet, then, on the top of the page that you want to save locally, click Export (next to Print). You then see the Export multiple sets of pages banner that lets you add and remove pages that you want to save. Then click Manage pages to export them. For more information, click Help on the banner.
  • Having search problems? When you search on a page in TechNet (for example, press Ctrl-F, and enter search terms in the Find box), the results exclude text that is in collapsed sections. To search for text in collapsed sections, expand the sections before you search on the page. To do this, you can click the Expand All button at the top of the page, or double-click any collapsed section.  When all sections are expanded, a search on the page can then search all sections on that page.
  • “Did you find this helpful?” This question at the bottom of every TechNet page lets you type in comments that we monitor to help improve the docs.  However, don’t use this if you want a response because unless you type in your email address, we won’t have a mechanism to reply to questions or let you know that your feedback has been incorporated.  If you want a response to your feedback about the Windows Azure RMS docs, send an email to .

I don’t promise to make the docs perfect for everybody, but I am committed to continual improvements – whether that’s updating the docs for new functionality as it becomes available, or making corrections and clarifications as a result of customer feedback.  If you have any feedback (requests, comments – good or bad!) about the docs for Windows Azure RMS, send them along to .

And to let you know what’s new and hot for the docs, I’ll be posting a doc announcement at the end of each month on this blog.  Look out for these!

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