Smooth, Full-Bodied Sophistication is Here!

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First published on CloudBlogs on Dec, 01 2006

A while back, Lisa Brummel announced, among a list of other more sober and serious changes to our workplace in Microsoft, that we will all have decent Starbucks coffee in every building. Since then, we have been hearing stories from our colleagues in other teams that the coffee that comes of this new, shiny chunk of steel is “oh how smooth, full bodied, with a hint of sophistication”, and how our trusted, old fashioned coffee pot was so passé.

Today, the TS team joined the ranks of the lucky few!. The kitchen on the second floor of Building 43 lost its old coffee pots and got a new Starbucks machine.


Meher, Ashwin, & Alan in line to enjoy a brand new cup of Joe.

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