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Hi all,


I have been using secure score for a few months now but on some things, we do not seem to be getting any points added to our total score for example


Do not allow calendar details sharing [not measured] - this has been disabled but secure score does not seem to pick it up? any ideas why this would be?







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Hi Eric,


Can you use the feedback button in the bottom right of any Secure Score page to provide us this info?  This will also allow us to get your tenant info so we can investigate.



will do thanks Anthony
okay i have done the feedback thing so you should have access to that information now

Hi, Anthony did you manage to have a look at my issue?



Hi Eric,


I talked with the engineering team about your request.  They told me they are triaging the bugs and are working though the back log.   Sorry for the delay.

I have submitted two concerns using the Feedback feature in Secure score and have not received a response. My issue is that I have completed the following actions but my score has not changed. Also when comparing my score from Sept 18th and now there are actions that are no longer available.


Completed action not accumulating points:

Review Permissions & block risky OAuth applications connected to your corporate environment

Review blocked devices report weekly


Actions no longer available:

Review sign-ins after multiple failures report weekly

Review Role changes weekly