Secure Score is blank?

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Fresh off the Ignite 2018 Conference, I am diving into "Secure Score".  I am logged in as a global admin, and going to  but when I do I see 0 for my score and no data.  Am I missing some setup step? 

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Hi Steven,


You should have a score unless the tenant brand new.  If it is new then you need to wait about 24 hours for it to be populated with data.  If you have had the tenant for a while then please private message me your tenant name or use the feedback button in the bottom right of any Secure Score page and we will take a look.



I think I know the issue.  Size. 

I have a four user business tenant I use as a sandbox for training and experimentation. It looks like you need to have six or more users for Secure Score to run.   On my business tenant with 50 users it works fine. 




Hi Steve


Number of licenses should not matter.  Just as a long as the tenant has been active for at least a day and you have a commercial version of Office 365 it should work.