Secure Score Down?

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I am getting into Secure Score, but the dots just keep going over and over at the top...  The main page of Security & Compliance says it cannot get the information.

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Looks like it - I'm having the same issue

I'm getting the same issue.

Hi Everyone,


There is currently an issue with Secure Score.  The team found out early this morning pacific time and is working on resolving it.  I will jump back on the thread when it is back up.

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Hi Everyone,


Secure Score is back up and running.

I would like to request that the Secure Score Health messages be send to the Office 365 Service Health page. What is the best way to submit requests for Secure Score? is there a user voice page?


Communicating service outages in this group is not sufficient. there are many admins that will never visit this network and should be be expected to monitor this in community group

Hi Dean,


Thanks for the comment and idea.  Internally I have been talking with the team about how to communicate outages so your timing is great.  We are currently thinking about adding a section to the Secure Score dashboard tab that will show any current issues (eg.  Control X is not scoring properly, date X does not have a score, etc).  I will share your idea on using the service health page.  


For user voice, there is no current page, but I will bring this up with the team to get their thoughts.


Thanks again for the feedback!