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Almost all actions related to Devices are being handled in Intune but none of the scores are assigned. Is there a trick to it, I've tried to click on Learn More and close it but no scores are being given.




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It takes a while for the score to update. @Brandon Koeller might be able to give more info.

We have had Intune for a few months, I would be ok with it taking a couple days but this still is not showing in Secure Score.
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Hey Shaun,

Sorry for the trouble. We're actually still working to acquire the InTune telemetry in the score. There are a ton of MDM controls, but the scoring is currently attached to the native MDM controls, and not InTune (even though we direct users to InTune for implementation). One thing you can do is to leverage the third party attribution in the short term. InTune is on our medium term roadmap...hopefully landing in the next few months.


Brandon Koeller

Hi Brandon, 


How do we achieve 3rd party attribution (which activity) as they all seems to have only Learn more button and none of them can be completed. Is it somewhere written how this can be done?