RMS SDK 4.1 is in GA now!

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First published on CloudBlogs on Oct, 27 2014
Hello Folks, Three months ago we released to the world SDK 4.0, the most advanced SDK that we ever built in RMS team. Since then, we have seen many amazing 3rd party apps released to the stores. We were delighted to see how developers love our SDK and find it easy to work with. It only motivates us to keep improving our SDKs and to the integration with the latest features of Azure RMS and AD RMS services. Today, The RMS team is happy to share with you the General Availability (GA) of SDK 4.1 for Android, iOS and OS X! The updated SDK 4.1 introduces one important feature that required us to change the public API. We made sure that developers of existing apps will find it easy to integrate with SDK 4.1 very quickly, and we updated our documentation accordingly. So, what's new SDK 4.1?
  • Accessing new (unknown) AD RMS service URLs and enabling document tracking require user confirmation. The new user consent callback API in SDK 4.1 provides the app developers a simple way to show the user consent UI in their apps, in the right context.
  • iOS 8.0 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite are now supported in SDK 4.1. It is critical to update existing SDK 4.0 apps to support those platforms.
  • Few bug fixes and performance improvements from SDK 4.0 which are highly recommended.
Download SDK 4.1 UI Library and Sample app for SDK 4.1 We have also updated our UI libraries and sample app for iOS and Android in our GitHub account, so you can get started quickly with SDK 4.1 and re-use the new built-in consent UI in your apps: SDK 4.1 Documentation Our updated Developer documentation offers an easy get-started guide and sample code for our dear developers for the following platforms:
  • Google Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Mac OS X
Support and Feedback We are ready and able to help with your applications and implementation questions as well as eager to receive your feedback - Ask the RMS Info Protection Team . See the Community resources topic in our devices SDK for details. Enjoy! Dan for the RMS team
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