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Hi all, We have a customer who's interested in implementing Office 365 ATP at their organization. But first he wants to now/see if there are any independent reports/testimonials about the reliability of Office 365 ATP. He wants to see the figures/numbers! :) Are there any sources we can send to him to convince Office 365 ATP is a good solution? Thanks in advance! Grtz, Nicky
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Talk to the MS sales guys, I'm sure they will be able to provide :p


There are usually some numbers mentioned in the Ignite sessions, here's one of last year's sessions on ATP: 

Securing your Office 365 environment from advanced phishing campaigns with Office - BRK4002



We currently use it in our environment and it can be hit or miss.  It's definitely no Proofpoint or Mimecast, but you pretty much get what you are paying for at this price-point.  The biggest pitfall is support.  All the engineers we've worked with have something different to say about ATP and don't seem to be on the same page.  Phishing emails are the biggest issue at the moment.  Malicious entities are using compromised O365 accounts and are also spinning up tenants of their own so it passes DKIM and DMARC checks.  ATP (Safelinks and Safe-Attachments) are missing these even at the point of click due to redirects.  You will need to do some tweaking if going this route.