RDP Client Reference Source Code Now Available to RDP Licensees
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First published on CloudBlogs on Aug, 16 2010

As part of the RDP Client Licensing program, RDP licensees are now able to get reference source code for an implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol and its extensions.

Important to note:

  • This is for reference only. Copying is not provided.
  • This is only for the client side of the Remote Desktop Protocol.
  • This applies to RDP Client version 7.1.
  • The code is written in C++.
  • The RDP client reference source code will be provided together with a small testing utility.

The following table outlines the functionality included in the RDP client reference code.



Connectivity and capability, including codec negotiation

Maintains connectivity stages and client capability exchange

Bitmap remoting

Enables bitmap remoting over Remote Desktop Protocol

Bitmap compression

Includes multiple bitmap decoding codecs, including the basic RLE and latest RDP 7.1 RemoteFX codec

Bulk compression

Includes multiple bulk compressors, including the most recent RDP 7 era decompressors

Clipboard redirection

Supports copy and paste of content and files between remote sessions or between local and remote sessions

Audio playback redirection

Enables audio remoting over RDP and played on the client device

This code will be made available as an amendment to the existing RDP Client License. For more information, contact iplicreq@microsoft.com .

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