Outlook/OWA keeps going to the default label instead of the initial chosen one in mail convos


When you send out an email to someone that has a certain sensitivity label and that person replies to it. When you reply back, Outlook/OWA will revert back to the default label from the policy and not respect the initial label you have chosen.


Is this the normal behavior? Wouldn't it be more useful if Outlook kept using the initial label that was chosen instead of reverting back to the default every time you reply in the conversation?


This is even more counter intuitive when you also use encryption on the label, the encryption is maintained throughout the email conversation, but the label is not which is even more confusing.

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That's not the expected behavior so something isn't right in the config (just did some testing back and forth using a sublabel).
I have tried this on 3 tenants now and all show the same behavior as described in my original post. The label that was set as the default will always be picked on a reply regardless of what was initially chosen.
I read your first post too fast. I used manual labeling. It seems the default is used under certain circumstances.


@brlgen I obviously had to test this, so I've set up a default label to apply to all emails for one user and when that user manually changes to another label the selected label persists, even when replying back and forth the default label isn't used. Even works the other way around for the record (the user with default label replying).


Could you let me know exactly how you have set it up and how you are emailing and to who?