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Nitro is integrating with Microsoft RMS to protect your PDF documents
Published Sep 08 2018 04:12 AM 865 Views
First published on CloudBlogs on May, 28 2014


Document security is the top priority for any company with information they’d like to keep private. Microsoft’s Rights Management Services, aka RMS, protects files at the file level. And now, Nitro, a digital document solution is integrating with Microsoft RMS, so Nitro can offer protection for your PDF documents. I had a conversation with Nitro’s VP of Product, Mimi Hoang, to talk about the Nitro-Microsoft RMS integration.

Dan : To start Mimi, tell us a little about your company and your role.

Mimi : Thanks for having me, Dan! Nitro makes it easy for businesses to share and collaborate on documents anytime, anywhere. As VP of Product, I oversee the strategy, development, and deployment of all our products.

Dan : Ah, so there’s more than one. What are your products, and what they do?

Mimi : Nitro Pro is our flagship desktop product which provides an easy-to-use digital document solution without sacrificing user experience. Pro allows users to create, convert, edit, combine, and even sign digital documents. Our complementary service is Nitro Cloud, accessible from any web browser, streamlines the document signing and sharing workflow.

Dan: What kind of companies can benefit from Nitro?

Mimi : Any business, from SMB to global companies, that require easy-to-use, secure digital document solutions benefits from Nitro.   Nitro covers everything from document creation and conversion to sharing and collaboration. Our expertise in workflow and collaboration management spans across industries with more than 400,000 customers who trust Nitro including 50% of the Fortune 100.

Dan: Why is RMS functionality on Nitro Pro important?

Mimi : Nitro Pro with RMS protects at the file level, which means important documents stay safe no matter what document the device is viewed or accessed from. It’s pretty cool. The technology encrypts and allows access to files only to those who have permission, and stays with the document whether that’s internally within your network or beyond the corporate firewall. Users can securely protect and exchange PDF files with colleagues, customers and partners. Also, if you have the right permissions, Nitro RMS allows you to open and use files others have sent you with RMS protection from any RMS-supported applications.

Dan: What else does Nitro do to secure documents?

Mimi: Nitro Pro already offers several security features including passwords and permissions, certificate security based on public/private key security as well as basic encryption for sharing and tracking PDF documents.  In short, Nitro is the easiest option for organizations that need to extend RMS protection to PDF files.

Dan: What more can we expect from Nitro?

Mimi: Employee productivity is key to long-term success and that really begins with how people share and collaborate with documents.  The challenge is to do this without major disruptions to their existing business processes. We’re committed to making it easy for businesses to do this, and we are continually listening to our customers and evolving our solutions to better serve them.

Dan: How is Nitro Pro with RMS integration purchased?

Mimi: The RMS functionality is included as part of Nitro Pro’s standard feature set.  You can purchase Nitro Pro directly from us or through our network of channel resellers.

Dan : If organizations have questions or want to see a demo, how do they reach you?

Mimi: Windows IT Pro is actually hosting a live demo of our RMS feature on June 17 at 12PM EST time, which people can register for here .

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