Microsoft Information Protection SDK 1.8: Now Available
Published Jan 14 2021 03:53 PM 4,336 Views

We're pleased to announce that the Microsoft Information Protection SDK version 1.8 is now generally available via NuGet and Download Center.



This release of the Microsoft Information Protection SDK we've focuses on better support for macOS, as well as quality and performance fixes. 



  • Added support for Mac on ARM.
  • Signed all dylib files for Mac.
  • All clouds are fully supported across all three SDKs.
  • Rename TelemetryConfiguration to DiagnosticConfiguration.
  • Updated MipContext to accept DiagnosticConfiguration instead of TelemetryConfiguration.
  • Exposed new TelemetryDelegate and AuditDelegate.
  • Added support for user-defined labels with double key encryption.
  • Added an API, MsgInspector.BodyType to expose body encoding type for MSG files.
  • Added APIs to support Double Key Encryption with User-Defined Permissions.

For a full list of changes to the SDK, please review our change log.


Metadata Updates

In November, we announced that the metadata location for Office files would be moving. While the legacy metadata storage in custom.xml is still in use, Office features will be made available in 2021 that require the new storage location. For more details on this update, please review We encourage you to begin updating, testing, and deploying MIP SDK 1.8 so that your customers, applications, and services can take advantage of these new features as they become available. Also be sure to checkout the MIP SDK FAQ for a section on these changes. 


Java Support

In MIP SDK 1.7, we announced the public preview of our Java wrapper. We aren't quite ready to announce that it's generally available, yet, and will continue to look for feedback as we start work on MIP SDK 1.9.


The Java Wrapper for MIP SDK 1.8 now supports streams. You'll no longer be required to pass in files directly. 


Wrap Up

As always, we appreciate your support, feedback, and efforts to integrate the MIP SDK into your applications and services. Here's a quick recap of some helpful MIP SDK resources.


-Tom Moser

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