Is ATP Safe Links in Office working well for anyone?

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ATP Safe Links has shown up in my Office apps. So far the experience has been rather poor. A lot of timeouts, and some oddities such as links opening twice (i.e. two browser tabs) after only one click (this has happened multiple times, so I'm sure it's not just me accidentally double-clicking).


Doesn't seem to like documents opened from SharePoint libraries.


atp safe links.png

Inconsistent experience with Bitly links.

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The experience seems to be consistently broken when I'm clicking links in documents opened from my local OneDrive folder, but the OneDrive in question is hosted in a different tenant than the account I'm signed into Office with. It's likely that my account in the other tenant doesn't have an E5 or ATP license assigned, whereas my actual account in my own tenant does (I would have assumed the ATP is licensed to me as the person who is signed in to Word though).

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haven't had this experience yet. But I've mostly clicked links in Outlook. We have some SharePoint URLs added to the trusted sites zone though, maybe that's why we're not seeing some of those security alerts.
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Hi Paul, 


 I understand this may be rather late :( but are you still running into this experience with Safe Links?