Ignite Keynote Demo Recap: The New Outlook App – A Modern Standard for Secure E-mail
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First published on CloudBlogs on May 04, 2015

What’s new:

This demo showed off our differentiated approach to mobile application management. By combining Intune and Office 365, end-users can use the apps they love for both personal and work use – and it allows IT to keep corporate data secure. The app provides a great user experience by separating personal and professional content and it allows full management and control by IT. The security of corporate e-mail is the marquee part of this demo: Content from corporate e-mail can only be copied and pasted to other corporate protected/managed applications and it can only be saved to corporate-approved locations (such as OneDrive for Business or SharePoint). This new Outlook app is by far the best e-mail app on iOS and Android . This is the exact kind of e-mail experience your users want, and now it can be managed and secured. This represents a unique value of Intune and the Enterprise Mobility Suite : The rich data leakage protection capabilities of the Office mobile apps can only be found in Intune. Related to this, also check out the demo for the enhanced support of Windows devices ( here and here ). This demo also represents the first time we publicly discussed the multi-identity support coming to the Intune App SDK. This multi-identity support will enable apps to be used in both your personal and corporate lives.

How this helps:

Data leakage is a huge issue facing organizations in every industry. This gives IT control of which apps have access to business data and can share that data. Now end-users no longer need two apps for the same purpose ( e.g. one for personal and one for work) because apps that have been enlightened to participate in the Intune MAM capabilities are now multi-user capable. This feature also enables the full protection stack from identity to device, to apps, to files when used with O365, Azure AD, Intune, and Azure Rights Management (RMS).

Why you need this in your life:

  • Microsoft’s commitment to Data Leakage Protection This demo made it clear that we are committed to not only protecting against data leakage, abut also providing MAM for all platforms. The new Outlook app for iOS and Android, combined with the power of Intune and O365, is delivering on that commitment.
  • Our MAM strategy goes beyond “containers” Not only does it extend beyond the idea of containers, it enables multi-identity-aware work and personal experiences that are relevant for real-world uses as well as the expectations users have when interacting with their apps.
  • Identifying corporate vs. personal apps/data Not only is it now possible to identify corporate and personal apps and data on a device, but you can keep it separate – and you can do it all in a way that is seamless to the user. This prevents users from accidentally sharing sensitive data outside of the organization, and it allows IT to specifically define which apps have access to that corporate data. This also ensures that, when a device is wiped, only the corporate content is removed.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Outlook on the iPad (or Android)
  • O365
  • Intune

Get to work!

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