How eDiscovery can help you reduce data and risks in three steps
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This month's episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks discusses strategies and best practices to mitigate security and compliance risks by using in-place eDiscovery to support investigations and litigation.  As data volumes continue to balloon, it's becoming clear that the quickest path to victory does not involve the fewest steps. Let’s explore ways to defensibly move data minimization decisions upstream, to collaboratively expedite the eDiscovery process and reduce risk within the safety of your own tenant.


Joining our host Erica Toelle is our guest, EJ Bastien. EJ is Microsoft’s Director of Discovery Programs, leading the eDiscovery and Litigation Support function for its Litigation Department where he manages a multidisciplinary team of Program Managers, Engineers, Paralegals, and Records Managers.  During his 18-year tenure, he has been an integral part of the small team responsible for re-envisioning Microsoft’s internal approach to eDiscovery from the ground up, architecting the processes for the identification, preservation, and collection of ESI (Electronically Stored Information), and shepherding it through the stages of processing, analytics, and review. 


Caitlin Fitzgerald joins us as our guest host. Caitlin is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager focused on eDiscovery and Audit solutions for Microsoft Purview. She’s been at Microsoft for 10 years. She enjoys helping every organization, small or large, regulated, or unregulated encounter scenarios in which they need to find that needle in the haystack, or evidence to determine what happened in a security breach, or support an internal investigation, including what steps they need to take to reduce that risk in the future.


Together, we'll explore how eDiscovery can help you reduce data and risks.


In this episode, we'll cover the following:   


  • What trends are affecting the eDiscovery space? 
  • What advice would we give to other organizations that are looking to get a handle on the growing amount of data?
  • How is Microsoft approaching some of the new technology innovations? 
  • How can you implement an effective eDiscovery strategy?
  • What benefits has Microsoft seen by using Purview eDiscovery Premium internally?
  • What is exciting about the future of eDiscovery?   


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