​​How compliance, data protection, and privacy come together
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One of the top industry trends we see today is the convergence of compliance, data protection, and privacy requirements. Traditionally, these areas have been viewed as separate efforts, often driven by independent teams. Now, due to changes in regulations and increased cybersecurity risk, these three areas are converging. What does this mean for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs)?  


This month's episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks explores this trend and what it means for your organization. Joining us as the episode guest is Alym Rayani, General Manager for Compliance and Privacy Marketing at Microsoft. Alym is on the forefront of data protection, privacy, and compliance trends, and works closely with engineering leadership to drive product strategy and roadmap. He also oversees the product-value proposition, marketing efforts, and customer experience. 


Our guest host for the episode is Hammad Rajjoub. Hammad is the Director of Microsoft’s compliance and privacy ecosystem. He works with customers and partners on our extensibility and multicloud strategy.  


Together, we will explore how organizations are approaching their holistic data protection strategy as multiple roles and responsibilities converge.  

In this episode, we’ll cover: 

  • When we refer to the convergence of compliance, data protection, and privacy; what are we really talking about?  
  • What are the challenges that CISOs, privacy officers, and CCOs are seeing from this convergence? 
  • What areas are we seeing CISOs tackle first? 
  • How is the increase in data protection and privacy regulations changing the strategy for CISOs? 
  • How are organizations staying in compliance given the huge volume of data spread across hundreds of content repositories? 
  • What should CISOs look for in a data-protection technology solution? 
  • What are the risks for a CISO if they only focus on data protection in their strategy without considering compliance and privacy requirements? 

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We look forward to exploring the convergence of data protection, compliance, and privacy with you! 


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