Holiday Season for the IT Industry: TechEd 2014

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First published on CloudBlogs on May, 12 2014
The week that’s set aside for TechEd is an awesome time of year. I’ve been lucky enough to deliver the keynote at six TechEd’s (both North America and Europe) and I never cease to be impressed by the huge collection of talent and brainpower that gathers here every year. Alumni of this event already know what the first-time attendees will soon find out: TechEd is the single best opportunity for people in the technology industry to learn, network, and get the inside track on what’s next. Knowing what’s next (and how to master it) is, perhaps, the most important thing about TechEd – and that’s what makes me so excited to introduce a new series aimed at helping IT Pros all over the world master the Enterprise Mobility needs of their business. Here is the world premiere of the first in a series of videos and blog posts:   This Master of Mobility video/blog series is going to do something very important: Cut through the buzzwords and acronyms and look at the granular, real -world challenges faced by real-life IT teams in real-life companies. This series will discuss the most critical mobility issues facing enterprises today (hybrid identity, desktop virt, data protection, and MDM) and how any IT Pro can become a Master of Mobility. Each video in this series will come with a detailed blog post discussing the core technologies behind each topic and how you can learn more about each component of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility solutions. Enterprise Mobility is a critical topic that all IT Pros will need to make an area of expertise . That is a stone-cold reality. This topic is so important that I’ve dedicated an entire ongoing blog series to this subject, and the Master of Mobility series will provide the concrete info that IT Pros need to succeed in this emerging and complex area where IT teams are now expected to deliver results. Content like this is well timed. Right now IT Pros are getting a lot of pressure from both end-users and company leadership to increase the mobile capabilities of corporate infrastructure. End-users want access to corporate resources with a consistent user experience on any device using any platform. Company leadership wants to see greater workforce efficiency and end-user satisfaction – on a reduced budget. Amidst all of this, IT also has to keep these eagerly accessed corporate resources secure. It’s easy for an IT Pro to not only feel overwhelmed by all of this, but to consider this array of demands impossible to resolve. The good news is that Microsoft has built a solution to address all of this . With the Master of Mobility series and my own ongoing series , you will have the tools to stay ahead of the curve, rather than learn from trial and error by following the herd. Our approach to Enterprise Mobility is going to put IT Pros in a position where they can anticipate the needs of their business, exceed expectations, and position themselves as a critical part of how their organization operates.

At Microsoft, we believe that well-informed IT Pros are the best users of our products, and we are committed to providing the documentation, how-to’s, and vision that you need to be mobility experts. I really think you’ll enjoy the Master of Mobility series.

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