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Generally Available: Data Discovery using Trainable Classifiers
Published Jun 17 2022 09:26 AM 3,318 Views

Earlier this year, we introduced 9 new out-of-box Trainable Classifiers for sensitive business document discovery and classification. These include Finance, IT, IP, Tax, Agreements, Healthcare, Procurement, and Legal Affairs.   


To make the discovery of your sensitive information easier, we are introducing data discovery with Trainable Classifiers in Content Explorer. This means that your sensitive documents that are classified by Trainable Classifiers can be viewed even if they are not used as conditions in an auto-labeling policy. This includes both pre-trained out-of-box models as well as custom trainable classifiers.  


For each classifier, you can drill down from the location to the specific document that has been classified. If the classification is not what is expected, there is an opportunity to provide No-Match feedback so that we can further improve our classifiers. We currently have 11 out-of-box business document classifiers available for this feature with another 23 in private preview and another 30 that will be available for preview shortly.  


These Trainable classifiers can be used for the discovery and classification of sensitive information across SPO and ODB by clicking on the respective classifier/category in Content Explorer.  


Some of the Trainable Classifiers we plan to provide as built-in out-of-box include 

  • Intellectual property and trade secrets such as Project Documents, Standard Operating Procedures, Software Product Development Files, Network Design documents 
  • Business-critical documents such as M&A files, Business Plan, Strategic Planning Documents, Meeting Notes Statement of Work, Financial Statements, Manufacturing batch records, Customer account Files, Market research reports 
  • Sensitive business content as part of daily business operations such as Payroll, Invoice, Statement of Work, Financial Statements, Statement of Accounts, Employee Performance Files, Facility Permits 







Customers can opt-out of this feature by raising a support ticket with this request and this feature can be turned off for their tenant. 


Thanks for reading!

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