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First published on CloudBlogs on Nov, 25 2013

Happy Monday,

I've been tweeting about these videos @TheRMSGuy (follow us there if you more timely updates and added news that I won't post here) and given there are now 3 of them I felt I should share more...

Here's a set of videos for those of you just ramping up on RMS. They are made by one of our solution partners, Synergy Advisors , who provides consulting services related to information protection. More on them below.

Quick Overview

Technical overview

Protect any file

I asked Cristian to share with me some views from his unique perspective. Here's how that went:

Dan : Cristian, our readers can watch the above free videos (thanks!) but what more do you do and why is it important?

Cristian : Synergy Advisors specializes in designing and deploying information protection solutions using Microsoft RMS. Sensitive information is the lifeblood of an organization and must be protected. Each organization uses, stores, and distributes information differently. Therefore, we uniquely design information protection solutions to fit each organization’s security requirements and compliance regulations. Additionally, we train organizations to become Microsoft RMS experts so that they can maximize the functionality of their security platform. Simply put, we live and breathe Microsoft RMS.

Dan : Given your unique 'in the trenches' perspective, how do you see the Information Protection market?

Cristian : It comes as no surprise that companies do not want to have sensitive information readily available without first protecting it against malicious use. As technology advances, the need to ensure that this information is protected increases exponentially. Companies have been interested in protecting their information for a long time, but only recently they have realized, with the explosion of information, unmanaged devices, and online services, that the traditional infrastructure-centric approaches don’t really work, and that by putting focus in protecting the information itself, regardless of where it goes, they get much higher assurances than with the patchwork of solutions they tried in the past. They also realize that protecting information from misuse and from negligence by their own users and their partners is as important as protecting it from the bad guys since the consequences are the same. Microsoft has done a fantastic job in aggressively pursuing new and improved methods of protection that secure the data itself but that also take into account the collaboration scenarios used by organizations including email, collaboration portals, and file shares. The fact that protection can be enabled without depending on the user taking the initiative is a big plus, while things like the new Microsoft RMS App allow end users to protect documents without regard of their type.

Dan : Tell us more about your experience in the field.

Cristian : We have implemented Rights Management Services across numerous organizations worldwide since 2003. Our expert team of architects and consultants has designed security solutions for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries including technological, financial, and chemical sectors. We emphasize how Microsoft RMS integrates with other Office 365 and on-premises server-side applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, FCI, and more. We also work with third-party RMS partners to enable organizations to customize their RMS platform. For example, we can implement a ByoK scenario by securing the RMS private key with an HSM on site. Synergy Advisors is also proficient in developing security solutions that include Office 365 migration, PKI, FIM, AD FS, and System Center to provide organizations with end to end protection.

Dan : As information protection is an evolving space, I find that some of our customers need help in figuring out how to make better use of these technologies. Do you work with customers always on an ad-hoc basis or you have some pre-defined offerings from which your customers can choose?

Cristian : We do both. We have just launched our Information Protection Training Suite which is a series of multiple day sessions designed to help organizations make the most of Microsoft RMS. We provide lectures, videos, and hands-on labs that allow companies to see firsthand how RMS can change their business practices. Microsoft has developed a wonderful solution to data loss; it is our goal to educate the entire business world about it. We also have pre-defined, fixed-price offerings for assessing, piloting, and deploying RMS with different scopes, as well as migration services to help them move to RMS from other, less-capable technologies. We like to offer predictable services, but we also want to be flexible since we know that no two IT environments are the same.

Dan : Excellent. If folks are interested, how can people contact you to learn more about your services?

Cristian : We encourage you to email us at with any questions you might have or visit our website: .

Dan : Great! Thanks to Cristian Mora from Synergy Advisors for sitting down with me. Please visit their website if you wish to learn more.



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