FIVE new whitepaper on RMS: Keys, Logs, Office 365, On-premise support, and Collaboration
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First published on CloudBlogs on Jun, 13 2014
Hi Readers,  Happy Wednesday. Here's a quick post on whitepapers created / released by some of our excellent Microsoft field supporters.
I do want to take a quick moment to thank Philippe Beraud , Arnaud Jumelet and Philippe Maurent for their tireless effort in pulling these together. Without their hard work this would not exist. Also, Bernard Ourghanlian , who had the vision and sponsored the resources necessary to pull this off. I offer with utmost respect and gratitude a heartfelt Chapeau Monsiers! Finally, to the wonderful people on my team who assisted, you equally deserve your moment. Thanks guys!
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The below five papers are offered:
  • Bring-Your-Own-Key-with-Azure-RMS.DOCX
  • Get-Usage-Logs-from-Azure-RMS.DOCX
  • IPC-in-Office-365-with-Azure-RMS.DOCX
  • Leverage-the-RMS-Connector-for-your-premises.DOCX
  • Share-protected-content-with-Azure-RMS.DOCX
Context on their relevance (and to help search engines refer this page): Due to increased regulation, the Consumerization of IT (CoIT) and the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), the explosion of information with dispersed enterprise data, the Social Enterprise and its applications enabling new collaboration, analytics scenarios, etc. enterprises of all sizes are facing growing needs to protect sensitive information. At the same time, enterprises have a need to securely share that same information amongst appropriate employees and other individuals within and outside the corporate network. The NEW Microsoft Rights Management service (RMs) offering ( ) provides the capability to create and consume protected content such as e-mail and documents of any type. Such a capability is available as a standalone subscription (for your on-premises infrastructure with the Microsoft Rights Management connector) or is part of the Office 365 Enterprise subscription, natively integrated with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Office to apply persistent protection to the content to meet the business requirements of your organization. The Microsoft Rights Management suite is implemented as a Windows Azure service. Beyond the available RMS enlightened applications on the market, it comprises a set of Microsoft Rights Management sharing applications that work on all your common devices, a set of software development kits, and related tooling. By leveraging Windows Azure Active Directory, the cloud-hosted Microsoft Rights Management service acts as a trusted hub for secure collaboration where an organization can easily share information securely with other organizations without additional setup or configuration. The other organization(s) may be existing Microsoft Rights Management service’s customers but if not, they can use a free Microsoft Rights Management for individuals capability. The whitepapers available as part of this download covers the various aspects of the offerings and provide in-depth information to evaluate or use the Microsoft Rights Management service and its components. For an overview of the NEW Microsoft Rights Management service offerings, see the whitepaper NEW Microsoft Rights Management service . Thanks,    Dan
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