Chose [Resolved through third-party], but not reflected


Hello, experts.
I chose [Resolved through third-party] at actions labeled as [Not Scored]. However, the score is not reflected. The date selected [Resolved through third-party] is December 22, 2019. When will my score be reflected? Are there any other actions I have to take to be reflected?

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@yoskuboWhich item did you resolve through third party, I tested in my demo tenant and it took a long time to apply! I tested block client forwarding. It is showing as resolved by third party.

However I have a few items which are showing as not complete despite being completed e.g. Active IRM, which is activated but showing as not complete!

@TomAvaThank you for your reply.Now I have checked states again, It was applied.It took 2 weeks until applied at my demo tenant.