Azure Information Protection Documentation Update for May 2019
Published May 31 2019 10:00 AM 3,098 Views

The Documentation for Azure Information Protection been updated on the web and the latest content has a May 2019 (or later) date at the top of the article.


It's been a quieter month after our double client release last month. But not too quiet because May saw label migration go into general availability (GA), Adobe released their protected PDF viewer for macOS, and we have updated support statements for the scanner. We also have requested guidance for the storage you might need to use the central reporting feature, analytics .


We listen to your feedback and try to incorporate it whenever possible. Let me know if you have feedback about the technical documentation for Azure Information Protection. I also encourage you to head over to our Yammer site to see what others are discussing.


What's new in the documentation for Azure Information Protection, May 2019


FAQ: When is the right time to migrate my labels to Office 365?

- Updated now that label migration has moved from preview to general availability.


Migration phase 5 - post migration tasks

- Updated for a new post migration task after deprovisioning AD RMS: Addition configuration for computers that run Office 2010


Planning and implementing your Azure Information Protection tenant key

- Updated the PowerShell command to check the permitted operations of a key.


Configuring the Azure Information Protection policy

- Updated the Signing in to the Azure portal section, with the information that the Azure AD role that was formerly known as "Information Protection administrator" is now named "Azure Information Protection administrator", to help denote that this role is not supported by the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, the Microsoft 365 security center, or the Microsoft 365 compliance center.  Similar updates are made throughout the documentation, including the FAQ Do you need to be a global admin to configure Azure Information Protection, or can I delegate to oth...


How to migrate Azure Information Protection labels to Office 365 sensitivity labels

- Updated to remove the preview disclaimer now that this feature is declared generally available.


Deploying the Azure Information Protection scanner to automatically classify and protect files

- Updated support statements for Windows Server 2019 and SharePoint Server 2019, which are now supported for the scanner. These statements are also updated in Deploying previous versions of the Azure Information Protection scanner to automatically classify an....


Central reporting for Azure Information Protection

- Updated to add a new section, Storage requirements and data retention.


Azure Information Protection unified labeling client - Version release history and support policy
- Updated with information about using Windows Update to upgrade this client, and a section for the Version 2.0.779.0 release. This release contains a single fix to resolve a race-condition issue where sometimes, no labels display in Office apps or File Explorer.


Azure Information Protection client - Version release history and support policy

- Updated to remove the release section for version now it's out of support. Version is the minimum client version supported.


Admin Guide: Using PowerShell with the Azure Information Protection client

- Updated the How to label files non-interactively for Azure Information Protection section, to use the new Azure AD app registration process. A big "thank you" to Mark Wilson, one of our Senior Premier Field Engineers for getting these instructions updated from the legacy app registration process.


Supported PDF readers for Microsoft Information Protection

- Updated to include the new macOS Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for Mac.


PowerShell module: AzureInformationProtection

- Support statement updates:


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