Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for April 2009

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First published on CloudBlogs on May, 06 2009

[Today's Post is provided by the Configuration Manager Writing Team ]

The Configuration Manager documentation library ( ) has been updated on the Web.  See What's New in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library for April 2009 for a list of topics that are new or contain significant changes since the December 2008 update.  All content that has been updated for just this month has Updated: April 1, 2009 at the top of the topic.

In particular, you might want to check out the reformatted topics that contain supported configuration information. A new top-level topic named Configuration Manager Supported Configurations has been created that lists information that pertains to all version of Configuration Manager 2007 including: hardware requirements, supported multi-language hierarchy setup configurations, specialized storage technologies, workgroup client considerations, and virtualization environments.

Additionally, the supported configurations topic for each individual release of Configuration Manager has also been reorganized into a more standard template to make the topics easier to read and include information specific to the release. In the individual supported configurations topics, you will find the supported upgrade paths, operating system requirements for both site systems and clients, and other configuration specifics including a section in each topic that describes the SQL Server versions supported to host the site database.

All our topics now have the following footer (above the Tags and Community Content area ):

Did you find this information useful? Please click the following link to send your suggestions and comments about the documentation to the Configuration Manager Doc Feedback alias:

Clicking the link in the Web page opens an email with the Subject line containing the title of the topic, and then appends a long number.  This number allows us to uniquely identify the topic, even if the topic title changes - so please do not delete it!   Emailing us allows customers to contact the documentation team directly, as an alternative to using the Click to Rate and Give Feedback method at the top of every topic.  We've mentioned before that often we cannot action the feedback we get through this Web mechanism because the information customers provide frequently requires two-way communication for clarification and response. We do value customer feedback and try to incorporate it when possible, so we hope that customers will use the email method to provide feedback about specific topics.  Although we can't promise to make the docs perfect for everybody, we are committed to continual improvement. So, keep that feedback coming, and feel free to contact us about anything related to the documentation by using this address of .

On the subject of documentation enhancements, this last month we've seen some great community content that enriches the documentation for other customers.  In case you missed the blog post announcement for this, see Announcement: Community Content on the Configuration Manager Documentation Library .

We hope to have a new local help file available soon for download, so watch this space.  The last local help file was for December 2008, so it will contain 3 sets of updates.  Not sure what the "local help file for download" means?  For more information, see Need the Latest Configuration Manager 2007 Help File?

-- The Configuration Manager Writing Team

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