Announcement: Community Content on the Configuration Manager Documentation Library
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[Today's post is contributed by The Configuration Manager Writing Team ]

Have you noticed that the Configuration Manager documentation on TechNet now supports community content? If you scroll down to the bottom of a topic, you'll see the community content area where you can add your own information that relates to that particular topic, and you can read information that other customers have provided.  When you view a topic that currently has no community content published, it looks similar to the picture below:

Click the ? button and you'll find a short description of this feature with some additional links:

The Community Content feature for Microsoft documentation provides the ability to add and edit content notes, similar to a wiki. Examples include code samples, tips, undocumented scenarios, links to additional resources, etc. Anyone is welcome to contribute or edit content. To get started, we require you register and agree to code of conduct and licensing agreements . At that time, you choose a display name that is used to identify your contributions across this site. More details are available on the Community Content FAQ .

We already have an example of good community content added to How to Configure Windows Server 2008 for Site Systems :

Don't use community content to ask technical questions but instead use the TechNet forums for this:

If you want clarification about something that's documented, or want to report a problem with the documentation, send an e-mail to the documentation team ( ) rather than using community content so that we can provide you with a personalized reply.  We can't contact you as a result of community content you post, because although this requires that you log in, we do not have access to your e-mail address.  The same is true when customers enter feedback comments using the Click to Rate and Give Feedback popup at the top of each topic.  Sometimes customers ask us to reply to their questions, or the information they've provided needs clarification.  Without an e-mail address we can't action the comment.  This is sometimes really frustrating for us!  As an example, "It doesn't work" doesn't tell us whether that person found an error in the documentation (and if so, where) or they have a technical support problem (which might be a problem with the product or simply a misconfiguration).

We hope to add the feedback link to our topics in the near future so that customers who want a response from us will use this method to communicate directly with the documentation team.

In the meantime, we are watching to see what great additional information you can share with other customers by using the community content feature.

-- The Configuration Manager Writing Team

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