Announcement: Azure RMS Documentation Library Update for May 2014
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First published on CloudBlogs on May, 23 2014

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As per Carol’s introduction post , she's letting you know what's new and hot in the docs for this month.

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Dan (on behalf of the RMS team)

The Documentation Library for Azure Rights Management has been updated on the web and the latest content has Updated: May 1, 2014 at the top of the topic.

Summary of the documentation available:

Plus, the Rights Management sharing application guides and FAQs:

With so many releases and updates coming out recently, this round-up summary can help you keep current: What’s New in Azure RMS (January – April 2014)

And talking of new releases, you might have heard about the beta release to support mobile devices with Active Directory RMS - for example, from Enrique's popular session at TechEd North America: View into the Next On-Premises RMS . If you are interested in this scenario, you can apply for the public beta by emailing . But before you do so, you might want to check the accompanying prerelease document, especially for the prerequisites. You'll find it here: Active Directory Rights Management Services Mobile Device Extension .

We value customer feedback and try to incorporate it when possible.  Although we can't promise to make the docs perfect for everybody, we are committed to continual improvement.  If you have any feedback about the docs for Azure RMS, email .

What's New for the RMS Sharing Application Documentation, May 2014

There are no significant documentation changes since the last update (April 2014). The only change is to the Rights Management sharing application administration guide , that has an update to the deployment scenarios table (some components were also needed for AD RMS and a KB number is now supplied for reference). This table is for information only and does not affect the installation steps.

What's New in the Documentation Library for Azure Rights Management, May 2014

The following information lists the topics that contain significant changes since the last update (April 2014).

Getting Started with Azure Rights Management

- Updated as a result of customer feedback, that they wanted/expected to see links for how-to instructions on this page. Similarly updated Configuring Azure Rights Management and Using Azure Rights Management , to help customers find the information that they need.

RMS for Individuals and Azure Rights Management

- Updated with the information that you can use the Azure AD PowerShell cmdlet Set-MsolCompanySettings, to block users from signing up to use RMS for individuals.

Requirements for Azure Rights Management

- Added Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) and Microsoft OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) to the list of applications that are not currently supported by Azure RMS.

Frequently Asked Questions for Azure Rights Management

- New topic, that's expected to be updated regularly with new questions that we commonly hear from customers. If you have a good contender, let us know!

Planning and Implementing Your Azure Rights Management Tenant Key

- Minor updates to the Implementing bring your own key (BYOK) section for how to generate and transfer your tenant key over the Internet. This is the "BYOK no-fly" option that is in Preview and blogged here .

Activating Azure Rights Management

- Updated to clarify that when you activate Rights Management by using the Azure Management Portal, you always see the Rights Management option, even if you don't have a subscription that supports Rights Management. In this scenario, you'll get an activation error when you click ACTIVATE. In comparison, if you don't have a supporting subscription and try to activate Rights Management in the Office 365 admin center, you don't see the option for Rights Management.


- Updated to clarify that this does not add users to a group, and you must add individual users to be super users. Related cmdlets are similarly updated for this clarification.

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