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Adobe reader and Microsoft Information Protection integration FAQs
Published Apr 24 2019 11:34 AM 731K Views

Which Adobe products have integrated Microsoft Azure Information Protection?

Following products have integrated Microsoft Information Protection*:


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (version 010.20064 and later)
  • Adobe Acrobat DC (both Std & Pro) (version 010.20064 and later)

 * Azure Information Protection leverages the common infrastructure provided by Microsoft Information Protection and is part of the Microsoft Information Protection solution set.


Which features are supported with the integration and which ones are not?

Supported Features:

  • View a protected PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Acrobat DC (on authorization)
  • View labels within the application
  • A protected PDF can be edited using Acrobat DC (without modifying the protection and/or labels)

Un-supported features:

  • Change protection or labels
  • A protected PDF cannot be exported to a different file format

How do I install the MIP Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Reader and Pro? 

Please shut-down Acrobat reader first, install the MIP plug-in, and then open Acrobat Reader. This will ensure that the plug-in is installed correctly


Where can I get Microsoft Azure Information Protection plugin for Adobe Acrobat reader & Acrobat DC?

The plug-in can be downloaded from this location:


What are the known issues that I should be aware of?

There are issues reported in case there is any uncertified plugin used with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please contact Adobe or Microsoft support if the issue arises


Where do you store the logs on the system for the Microsoft Information Protection integration?

The location where the logs are stored are as follows:

  • If Adobe reader is running in protected mode, then look at


  • If Adobe reader is running unprotected mode, then look at


These locations are important if you are trouble shooting or working with Adobe or Microsoft Support


How to consent the adobe apps in my tenant?

Please read the following blog in the techcommunity


How can I label a PDF document?

You can label and protect a PDF document with the AIP Client on your windows workstation


Does the PDF extension change when labelling and protecting a PDF?

No, it does not change. Adobe and Microsoft have implemented this encryption capability based on the ISO specification for PDF documents


Can *PPDF documents protected by older AIP clients be opened with Adobe Reader integration?

PPDF cannot be opened with Acrobat Reader. There are PowerShell cmdlets provided by the AIP client that can assist in converting from *.PPDF extension to an encrypted *.PDF. The PowerShell cmdlets are provided in the following blog


Does the Adobe Reader integration with Microsoft Information Protection solutions support portfolio files?

Currently the support for Portfolio files is not there. Please continue to provide us feedback on capabilities that you seek in the integrations.


Are  there plans to Adobe Reader support for Microsoft Information Protected files on Mac ? 

Yes, that integration with Adobe Reader on Mac was released in May 2019


Is ADRMS supported with the Adobe Reader integration?

No, the version of the SDK used by Adobe Reader does not support ADRMS.





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