SQL Server 2022 is released for SAP NetWeaver
Published Jun 12 2023 06:22 AM 3,321 Views

We are happy to share that SAP has released support for SQL Server 2022 for some SAP NetWeaver based systems.

SQL Server 2022 contains many new features and improvements that can benefit SAP systems running on the SQL Server platform. Some of the new features are:

  • High Availability - faster Distributed Availability Groups
    Distributed Availability Groups are now using multiple TCP network connections for a better throughput and bandwidth utilization.
  • New TDS 8.0 protocol with TLS 1.3
    With the new TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol all the standards of mandatory encryption are fulfilled and offer a great compatibility to the new Transport Layer Security standard TLS 1.3.  Currently not all SAP products support TLS 1.3.
  • Buffer pool parallel scan
    This feature improves the performance of large buffer pool scan operations by utilizing multiple CPUs for the scan.
  • Ordered clustered columns store index
    This new handling of clustered columns store indexes has the potential of a more efficient segment elimination, resulting in better performance during read operations. This is especially useful for SAP Business Data Warehouse solutions (SAP BW).
  • Improved column store segment elimination by data type
    The improved segment elimination for data types was extended for additionally 4 datatypes totaling now 7 data types.
  • Parameter sensitive plan optimization
    SQL Server 2022 is now storing multiple plans for the same statement, based on the provided parameter. This is especially useful for statements against uneven distributed data in table columns.  
  • Accelerated Database Recovery improvements
    The in SQL Server 2019 introduced Accelerated Database Recovery was further improved with parallel cleanup threads and a reduced memory footprint.

With the release of SQL Server 2022 for SAP NetWeaver several SAP notes were posted with more details about the usage of SQL Server 2022:


The central SAP note for planning your SAP NetWeaver based system on SQL Server 2022 is note 3210087 Release planning for Microsoft SQL Server 2022. This note gives further details on which major versions of SAP NetWeaver based software can run on SQL Server 2022, the exact minimum SAP Support Packs required for specific SAP versions, etc..

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