IBM Db2 monitoring in Azure Monitoring for SAP Solutions
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Microsoft recently  announced the launch of “Azure Monitor for SAP solutions” (AMS) version 2, in Public Preview. AMS is Azure native monitoring solution for customers who run SAP workloads on Azure. With AMS, customers can collect and view technical monitoring telemetry of their SAP landscapes within the Azure Portal and efficiently correlate telemetry between various layers of SAP like SAP NetWeaver, different Databases such as SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL server and IBM Db2 and the underlying Infrastructure including High-availability Pacemaker clusters for SUSE & RHEL.
AMS is available through Azure Portal in the following geographies: US, Europe, Australia and Asia.

AMS does not have a license fee.  


IBM DB2 Monitoring


When customers run complex, mission critical SAP workloads, issues are bound to happen from time to time. To keep the impact of issues as small as possible, AMS can identify these issues and alert based on threshold breaches automatically. This early detection of failures can prevent system degradation and reliability decreases for the SAP systems, especially during critical periods like Finance period closes and others.  

SAP Systems and their underlying databases are very important for many customers. Latest release of AMS comes with a brand-new feature – Customers can now monitor their IBM Db2 databases.

With Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (AMS), customers can add a new provider type “IBM Db2”, this provider type enables “SAP on Azure” customers to monitor their IBM Db2 SAP system database. The solution also allows for easy creation of custom visualizations and custom alerting, this new provider type ships with default visualizations that can either be used out of the box or extended to meet your requirements.  


Pre-Requisite steps to onboard to AMS IBM Db2 Provider

IBM Db2 telemetry data is collected by configuring an IBM Db2 provider within AMS. As part of configuring the provider, customers need to provide the following information:

  • The IP address or hostname of the IBM Db2 database host
  • The Windows port number of the IBM Db2 database system (default 5912)
  • The IBM Db2 username (default DB2<SID>, e.g. DB2PRD) and password
  • The SAP System ID (e.g. PRD)  

How IBM Db2 Telemetry data is captured  

The provider collects data from every 60 seconds up to every hour from the Db2 database system. Therefor the AMS Azure functions connect to the IBM Db2 system using a Db2 ODBC driver to read the telemetry data directly from the Db2 system tables.




In public preview, you can expect to see the following data with IBM Db2 provider:

  • Bufferpool Usage
  • Top 20 expensive requests
  • Backup Information
  • Table and Table Spaces Maintenance Information
  • Stale Connections and Rollbacks
  • Overall System and Resource Usage
  • IBM Db2 Instance and System Info
  • and many more ..


Further, you can expect following alert templates with this release:


  • Outstanding logs: Fired when outstanding logs were identified.
  • Rollbacks: Fired when Rollbacks occur that need more than 10MB of log to rollback.
  • Uncompressed tables: Fired when uncompressed tables were identified.
  • Tablespaces autoresize: Fired when a table space without the option AutoResize was identified.
  • Log usage: Fired when a transaction usage to much of transaction log space.
  • CPU usage: Fired when CPU usage exceed the threshold.



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