Hot News: CRC32 Error During Backups on Hana & High Page Out Fix for Windows
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1. Hot News! All Azure Customers on Hana on Suse

Customers running SAP Hana 1.0 or 2.0 on Suse 12.x or 15 are requested to immediately implement a SAP HOT NEWS Note 2814271 - SAP HANA Backup fails on Azure with Checksum Error

All customers should implement the option /nomerges=2 and elevator=noop even if this problem is not observed on the current Suse kernel patch.    

These Suse kernel parameters do require a reboot of the Suse OS.  

The problem corrected in this OSS Note can be detected during Hana Backups from Hana Studio - a message "CRC32 error" will be seen in the Backup Log.  Another way is to check the /hana/shared/<SID>/HDBxx/xxxxx/trace for *.dmp files 

Microsoft & Suse have defaulted these options on all new Azure Suse Gallery Images as of the end of 17th July 2019.  These images or higher already have the required options set.  Recommended Gallery Images can be found in the SAP OSS Note 2814271.

2. High Page Out Fix Now Available for Windows SAP Application Servers

Windows customers with SAP application servers experiencing high page rates can test implementing a new hotfix that will reduce high memory paging on Windows: 

Due to the way the SAP ABAP server allocates and deallocates shared memory high page rates may be observed on Windows SAP ABAP application servers.

Customers deploy this fix after following this procedure:

1. Monitor the SAP Production Application servers using Resource Monitor and other tools 

2. If High Page rates are seen at the same time as plenty of available physical memory then this fix may help 

3. Deploy the latest Windows Update patches onto non-production SAP application servers.  The full catalogue can be found here:   At least the July 2019 update is required 

4. Implement the registry change on non-production servers.   Monitor the Memory Page Out values and monitor performance and stability for 1-2 weeks

5. Deploy Windows Update and Registry change into Production

Please post any feedback about the reduction in paging in this blog.  


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