Getting started with SAP on Azure
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The FastTrack for Azure SAP Team would like to share the new Getting Started Guide for SAP on Azure with Azure DevOps.


This Getting Started Guide is always pointing to official SAP on Azure documentation which outlines best practises, supported configurations together with hints to SAP requirements (SAP notes).  The guide however will help filter the information that is needed for a specific project and scenario.


This guide helps you create a project pre-populated with tasks and filtered links to all key documentation for a particular scenario at no additional license cost using the Azure DevOps Generator here. 


Generating a project in Azure DevOps allows you to assign tasks and steps to teams and users with all relevant information for deploying SAP on Azure successfully.  The project is always linked to the latest Microsoft documentation and contains queries for specific scenarios for SAP infrastructure, and integration topics.


Project Creation


To create a project in Azure DevOps you will need a valid user and organization.  Details on how to create a user, organisation and project in Azure DevOps Generator can be found here.


Once the user and organization has been created and you have signed in you can create a new project using the SAP on Azure template.







Enter a Project Name, select your organization and then choose the SAP on Azure template.




Create Project. After a short progress update the project, team and AzureDevOps elements will be provisioned ready for use.





Using AzureDevOps


Selecting Navigate to project will take you directly into Azure DevOps to begin reviewing Boards, Backlogs and Queries for your project team.





Selecting Backlogs on the main menu will show the full SAP on Azure Getting Started guide covering all topics by User Story and Task.





This list can be filtered on your own SAP on Azure project by selecting Queries and then All to view Shared Queries for different scenarios.  As an example, you can select SAP on SQL Server and then Run Query from the action menu to only see the Stories and Tasks that apply the deploying SAP on Azure using the Microsoft SQL Server database.




The filtered list allows different action items to be assigned to team members and provides a checklist of the different tasks which also can be used as project plan.


To get the most out of using AzureDevOps for your SAP on Azure project please review the main documentation here.


Please provide feedback, suggestions, comments on this guide in the form here.









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