Announcing General Availability for Microsoft Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions
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Microsoft Azure is the preferred platform for SAP customers who seek reliable and scalable and for these mission-critical SAP applications, reliable monitoring is essential. We set out on this journey to build a monitoring solution, which is easy to setup, flexible and provides ability to monitor different SAP Layers and critical azure components. After launching Azure Monitor for SAP solutions in preview mode on July 22 we are thrilled to announce that Azure Monitor for SAP solutions is now generally available!


Azure Monitor for SAP solutions is an Azure-native end-to-end technical monitoring product for customers running SAP applications on Microsoft Azure. With Azure Monitor for SAP solutions, customers can collect end-to-end telemetry data from SAP NetWeaver, databases, high-availability Linux Pacemaker clusters, and Linux operating systems in a central location within Azure portal to visually correlate data for speedy troubleshooting. Azure Monitor for SAP solutions is turnkey monitoring solution and can be configured in few minutes with no infrastructure to deploy and maintain for the customers.  





Customer and Partner Testimonials

Before we talk about key feature updates, let’s hear from our customers and partners on how they are benefitting with the use of Azure monitor for SAP solutions.




"In Heineken, we benefitted from using Azure Monitor for SAP solutions to gather information from our S/4HANA on Azure Landscape (consisting of SAP HANA, S/4HANA, and OS) into a single, centralized location. This allowed us to identify and resolve problems by visually correlating data easily and quickly. Additionally, the Azure Log Analytics workspace enabled us to generate personalized alerts, ensuring that we receive real-time notifications of any potential issues." 


Jesus Rodriguez, SAP ERP Technical Stream Lead D&T – CORE, Heineken





"Clients are looking for a single, centralized view of technical monitoring data for their mission critical SAP applications in order to make better real-time business decisions. We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft to be one of the first global system integrators to implement Azure Monitor for SAP solutions. By integrating Azure Monitor for SAP solutions with IBM’s centralized ticketing system, we help our clients gather the information they need from their S/4HANA on Azure environment."


Devraj Bardhan, CTO SAP Managed Services, IBM Consulting.



"Lemongrass and Microsoft collaborated to offer Microsoft’s latest innovations to our Azure customers through the integration of Azure Monitor for SAP with Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP), our automation orchestration platform. This integration allows our platform to leverage diverse telemetry data, providing these customers with a comprehensive, seamless, and unified solution for SAP workloads. They can take advantage of this to better monitor and manage their SAP systems, improve their operational efficiency, and optimize their overall business performance."


Kausik Chaudhuri, Chief Innovation Officer Lemongrass Consulting



Product Updates

Since the preview of Azure Monitor for SAP solutions in July 2022;  we have listened to feedback from customers and partners that have resulted in new and enhanced features within our service. Some key capabilities are:


  • The SAP Landscape Monitor is a one-stop destination to learn about the health of your entire SAP landscape. You can create a group of SAP systems based on the environment (e.g., Development, Production, etc.), application (e.g., ERP), or criticality and see the health of these systems based on the alerts that have been raised. You can also check alerts triggered by a group or a specific SAP system.






SAP Insights (Preview) – Using SAP Insights (Preview), you can easily identify the root cause of any SAP application availability or performance issues. The tool provides you with relevant attributes for your SAP environment, as well as key metrics related to Azure infrastructure. With this information, you can investigate and correlate the root cause of any issue that may arise.


For instance, if you find that certain transactions are taking longer than expected to complete, you can use SAP Insights to check the response time breakdown under SAP metrics and observe the performance of the Azure infrastructure hosting your SAP system.






  • We understand the importance of security hardening for mission-critical SAP applications. That is why Azure Monitor for SAP solutions customers can now enable Transport Level Security (TLS > 1.2) to establish secure communications between their SAP systems and the Azure Monitor for SAP solutions.
  • New alert templates Based on customer feedback, we have added to support more scenarios for the Operating System (Linux) Provider and the High Availability Pacemaker Linux Cluster provider.
  • Reduced maintenance overheads: Azure Functions is used as collector unit instead of a virtual machine as was the case in Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (classic). Azure Functions is responsible for connecting to the SAP system, pulling the telemetry data, and pushing the data to Azure Log Analytics to enable detailed analysis.
  • New DBMS Support for IBM Db2 monitoring: A new Provider type is available which enables customers to monitor their IBM Db2 databases and define the appropriate alerting thresholds.
  • Support for service tags, private endpoints, and route-all: Many customers restrict outbound internet access from their Azure Virtual Network for security reasons. Customers can now add service tag rules, deploy private endpoints, or simply push a button to disable route-all in Azure Functions which eliminates exposure to the public internet.
  • 'Pin to Grafana' via Azure Managed Grafana: Customers who leverage Azure Managed Grafana in conjunction with Azure Monitor for SAP solutions can pin visualizations from Azure Monitor for SAP solutions to their Grafana dashboards for flexibility and refined customization.
  • Support for zone redundancy: With this new version, customers can deploy Azure Monitor for SAP solutions (version 2) in zone redundant model, wherever zonal deployment for Azure Functions is supported.



Pricing and regions 

There is no licensing fee for Azure Monitor for SAP solutions. Customers pay for the infrastructure components that are deployed as part of the managed Azure Resource Group. Standard Azure prices are applicable for Azure Functions (Premium Linux), Azure Log Analytics, Storage, Key Vault, alerts, and notification groups. 


Azure Monitor for SAP solutions is available in East US, East US 2, West US, West US 2, West US 3, Central US, South Central US, North Central US, West Central US, West Europe, North Europe, Australia Central, Australia East, Australia Southeast, South India, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. 



Standard support via Microsoft Azure Portal is available.  


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