Achieve High-Availability for SAP HANA Scale-Out on SLES with HSR and automatic failover
Published Jul 28 2020 07:41 PM 3,169 Views

S4 HANA 5-Node Cluster.png

In the attached whitepaper, I will walk you through the architecture above, and the exact technical steps that are required to achieve the setup of HANA database high-availability architecture, both on HANA Large Instances as well as on Azure Virtual Machines. I will start out by discussing infrastructure considerations, HANA installations notes, HANA System Replication – HSR setup, configuring a 5-node SUSE Pacemaker cluster, adding the required HANA and failover-essential resources, and finally how to test the cluster.


Please see the attachment ("S4 Scale out Pacemaker Blog.docx") for a detailed guide that is supplemented with screenshots:

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