Accelerate SAP migrations to Microsoft Cloud with Lemongrass
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Many enterprises are looking to migrate mission critical SAP workloads to Microsoft Cloud to take advantage of optimized costs and time to change, agility, and to unlock innovation potential. SAP migrations tend to be complex with high risk and customers are looking for partners with proven expertise to help them with their journey to cloud.  


Lemongrass has successfully migrated over 7,000 enterprise SAP systems to the cloud with a proven track record of 100% success in such migrations. The Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP), offered by Lemongrass, has high levels of automation to migrate and operate SAP applications on cloud. 


On Feb 24th, 2022, Lemongrass and Microsoft announced that the two companies have established a strategic, multi-year partnership extending our existing partnership to focus on the co-development of SAP-centric solutions and services that tap into the power of Microsoft Cloud.  

Here are some of the reasons we are excited about this partnership with Lemongrass: 


  • Strong partnership between Microsoft and SAP for 25+ years that Lemongrass can trust as we continue to invest and grow the capabilities to enable deeper integration. 
  • Lemongrass can take advantage of Microsoft Azure capabilities reducing the need to procure third party solutions for monitoring, backup, security (SecOps) and financial management (FinOps). Security and financial management are two areas where customers struggle with their move to the cloud and Microsoft Azure provides services to reduce this pain. All of these services come automatically within the Microsoft Azure console, increasing visibility and reducing compliance efforts.  
  • Lemongrass is committed to improving the "SAP operation” experience for our customers as they are looking for proactive and responsive solutions that enable the business to run reliably and support rapid business change. The ability to support business change has always been a challenge in SAP environments, but with Microsoft Azure automation with open-source tooling (Terraform/Ansible), Lemongrass can bring the best SAP on Azure experience for our customers.  
  • The roadmap for SAP on Azure is ambitious and will provide huge benefits to customers running on the platform, by reducing operational complexity. One of the challenges organizations face when migrating SAP to cloud is the learning curve for how to best manage the workloads. Lemongrass, as a Microsoft SAP on Azure design partner, can build solutions together with Microsoft engineering to simplify service delivery and consumption of Microsoft Azure services to lower the barrier for business and casual users by eliminating the need to navigate through unfamiliar tooling.  
  • Microsoft Cloud provides a compelling set of capabilities for our customers that enables deeper integration of Microsoft Azure services. These will be customer specific, but there is no shortage of success stories around the key topics like Data Lakes, AI/Machine Learning, Security, IOT, etc. Lemongrass can take advantage of these extension capabilities and add more value to our customers as they migrate, operate, and innovate on Microsoft Cloud.  
  • Lemongrass has acquired one of the most trusted partners in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, Wharfedale. With Wharfedale’s Microsoft Azure experience and track record, Lemongrass has the foundation to enhance and extend the Microsoft Azure capabilities to support the DevOps operating model that customers are after.  

We are very excited about this partnership with Lemongrass because of the joint innovation opportunities it enables that will bring the best SAP on Azure experience for our customers.  


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