Using Viva Insights to celebrate Public Service Recognition Week
Published May 08 2023 05:00 AM 3,060 Views

This is Public Service Recognition Week, May 7-13, 2023!


During the first full week of May each year since 1985 in the United States, we honor the people who serve our nation as federal, state, county, local and tribal government employees as a part of Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW). At Microsoft, we know that every day, government employees are working diligently to deliver on their missions of service in our communities. We thank each of you in public service and recognize your contributions!


To multiply the gratitude shared during Public Service Recognition Week 2023, we challenge you to send praise to a coworker with a, “Thank you,” or a “Job well done.” Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams makes this a simple action that will bring smiles to those with whom you serve alongside all year long. PSRW is the perfect time to recognize your coworkers for their commitment to public service.


In Microsoft Teams, search your apps for Viva Insights App. When Viva Insights App is open in Teams, click the Send Praise button. Complete the Praise form by selecting your intended praise recipient, select the title that best fits the type of praise and add any notes you’d like to be sent with your praise. You can select from various color themes, preview and send the praise. Viva Insights will deliver your praise to the Teams Chat of your coworker.

We have created a brief clickthrough demo video of Viva Insights App in action, also found at



It's even possible to keep the gratitude and appreciation flowing all year long! Set reminders in Viva Insights App, so you can get a little nudge in Microsoft Teams via your Activity Feed at regular intervals.




If your department or agency is already using the Company Communicator App in Microsoft Teams, PSRW 2023 is a great time to send a chat message to all employees letting them know their service is seen and appreciated. Often, these messages are sent from agency or department executive leadership or Human Resources Officer.




We will use this week to thank our government sector customers! Don’t let Public Service Recognition Week pass you by this year without sending praise and spreading gratitude. We appreciate you and all you do to serve the citizens around you each day! #PraiseYourCoworkers

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