FedMake Focus on Civilian Government: Meeting Missions with No/Low Code
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Microsoft’s Power Platform empowers everyone to be a maker.  Those who understand a challenge best are the same people best equipped to solve them.  Until now programming languages and coding experience have stood in the way of creating sophisticated and effective solutions. The Power Platform toolset brings this power to all.  Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help you meet your mission by leveraging your existing investments.


Microsoft Federal is hosting a FedMake event focused on helping the Federal Civilian Government meet their mission using the Power Platform.  This is a no-cost, in-person, hands-on, hackathon style event facilitated by Microsoft experts, included as a service under your Microsoft 365 Enterprise Agreement.  There is a limited number of seats available, so if you consider yourself a maker, and want to make low/no code solutions to achieve your mission, register now.


This event is in-person only (no virtual option), exclusively for our Federal Civilian Government Organizations that you won't want to miss.


"We had two individuals on our team who come from two different departments, two different organizations and they almost had a similar issue. It was fascinating to see them both put their issue out there, and come together with one solution that could really solve both issues"

- Previous FedMake Attendee


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April 11th - 13th, 2023

Microsoft Garage
11951 Freedom Drive

Reston, VA 20190

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FedMake's intent is to increase Collaboration, Capability, and Curiosity in the makers from all the Federal Civilian Government.  



Work with your peers from other Federal Civilian Organizations to develop minimal viable products for challenges common in the government.  All solutions will be made available for attendees to take back to their organizations as a starting point for them and implement the features necessary for them.  Attendees will have opportunities to discuss your shared challenges with their peers and see how other organizations may have solved them.



Learn the skills necessary to design and develop low / no code solutions using Microsoft's Power Platform.  Learn about Fusion Development Teams and how they enable a multi-disciplinary team of developers, users, and business leaders to use their specific disciplines and expertise to develop solutions faster and more efficiently.



Take your newly acquired capabilities and use them to meet your organization's missions.  Continue to collaborate with your newly acquainted maker peers in other the federal civilian government to see how they solved challenges that you share.


April 11th - 13th, 2023

Microsoft Garage
11951 Freedom Drive

Reston, VA 20190

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For additional information or questions, please reach out to FedMake@microsoft.com.
Learn more about the FedMake program here: https://aka.ms/FedMake



Looking For More Reasons to Attend?

Don't take our word for it. Listen to your peers who attended our first event.


We asked them... 'What would you most like to communicate to others about this event?'

  • It was an amazing event where different agencies come together to discuss situations unique to the federal government. Microsoft provided expert recommendations on how these situations can be addressed. We built an app live so we were able to hear how other programmers tackle problems and learn from them, as well as the coaches teaching us solutions and tips during the entire process. Countless resources were provided to us. Individual attention was provided so no one walked away with unanswered questions.
  • Usually when people attend events like this, they arrive late and try to leave early. This was not the case with most people arriving early and staying after hours. People wanted to work longer because it was that valuable. It was well worth the time and money invested in me travelling in for the event. I hope to attend in the future again because I think the knowledge I gain to develop additional skills would be worth it.
  • Opportunity to network with Microsoft staff. Expose to new Microsoft technology. Learned from others.
  • It is a way to get direct help and guidance from MS team members.
  • The number of resources available to help you.
  • Like minded individuals to share your passion with.
  • Valuable learning experience and networking opportunities with Microsoft employees in federal. Great to learn and increase power platform skills.
  • This event was a great way to practice, learn, and improve your skills for those with and without much experience.
  • It's hugely impactful for anyone. Better sharing/marketing of the event in advance.
  • Practical application in the Gov cloud environment, networking, discussions with peers and professionals.
  • Thank you to everyone at Microsoft for all your support and encouragement. I have already implemented so much of what I have learned!


Our Approach

  1. Mission Focused

    Whether it be specific executive orders or an organization's overall mission, FedMake events focus on outcomes. Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help organizations achieve their mission with our portfolio of cloud services. We want to empower our makers with the knowledge of how to leverage their existing investment, and any additional capabilities available, to build solutions in the United States sovereign clouds.

  2. Cross-Organization Collaboration

    Federal entities have long discussed the importance of cross-organization collaboration. But recent changes in law and advances in technology have led to a new landscape that makes it far more achievable. Makers at the events will be broken into teams consisting of members outside their organization. Together they will connect and gain insight of their shared challenges, understand how other federal organizations are dealing with them, and build innovative solutions that address them.

  3. Make It Real

    Have you ever attended a training on a technology but were unsure how you could apply it to addresss your unique challenges? ...Not at FedMake.  FedMake events are hands-on, where makers have the opportunity to bring their real world problems, and build a solution that solves them.

    Have you ever been shown capabilities, just to find out they are only available in our commercial clouds? ...Not at FedMake.  FedMake events will target the Government Community Cloud (GCC) with our coaches extremely knowledgeable of the capabilities across all the United States sovereign clouds.

  4. Embrace the Makers

    The Makers. The FedMake program leans into the DIY Maker Movement to empower every person and every mission to achieve more. We have the tools; our customers have the motivation and imagination. We want to empower those who best understand a challenge because we know that they are the same people best equipped to solve them.


For additional information or questions, please reach out to FedMake@microsoft.com.
Learn more about the FedMake program here: https://aka.ms/FedMake

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