Evolution of Timekeeping in Windows
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(Thanks to Sarath Madakasira for writing this post)


Do you ever wonder how Windows computers keep the current time and how it is maintained on a day to day basis? Did you know that your computer needs to keep the correct time for you to access certain resources over the network?  


Are you aware of regulations on time synchronization in certain industries in several regions across the globe and why that may be required? Did you know that some of the recent releases of Windows OS support sub-millisecond time synchronization accuracy? 


Do you know what Precision Time Protocol is? You may have seen recent posts about various aspects of accurate timekeeping on the Windows Networking blog (e.g.  12). Ever wonder what Windows Networking has anything to do with timekeeping 


Would you like to about the underlying technology that enables sub-millisecond time accuracy in Windows OS?  


Read on to know more… 


Accurate timekeeping has become a requirement for a variety of applications and Windows OS provides native support for accurate timekeeping and synchronization in a range of deployment topologies. 


We are publishing a document (attached below) that paints an overall picture of timekeeping in operating systemsthe various improvements to timekeeping in the Windows OS over the past several releases and how these improvements helped us realize improved time accuracy in the Windows OS. We also have some notes on where we may be headed next in this space. Fair warning that the document is a long read. 


We hope that this informational document helps the readers understand the complexities of timekeeping, as well as our passion, commitment and successes with accurate timekeeping in the Windows OS. 


The released features that are described in this document are covered in detail by our publications and blog posts and have been available to customers who sought to take advantage of high accuracy time keeping in Windows. We will publish details of any new time sync features/improvements in upcoming Windows releases when they are available for public use. 


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