DPDK releases v19.05, introduces Windows Support!
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Data Plane Development Kit just announced the release of DPDK v19.05.


We are thrilled to share that this release marks the introduction of Windows Support in the community-maintained upstream repository! This exciting development paves the way for more core libraries and networking hardware to be supported on Windows lighting up new use cases.


Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) is a set of fast packet-processing libraries and drivers for user-mode applications looking to optimize network performance.




The Linux foundation hosted DPDK project is a vibrant, thriving community of developers from over 25 organizations spanning networking hardware vendors, independent software vendors, OS distros and consuming open source projects.


For over a year now, we’ve had the ability to run DPDK on Windows through libraries available in the DPDK Windows draft repository. However, this meant that the Windows port needed a separate development, build and testing pipeline, consequentially trailing behind the DPDK community project by multiple releases.


With the initiation of the merge, DPDK libraries for Windows will benefit from the participation, contribution and leadership of the DPDK community. For instance, as part of this integration, DPDK libraries for Windows moved away from dependency on proprietary tool chain to using Clang-LLVM C compiler and Meson Build system.


What Next?


Wait, does this mean we can retire the DPDK Windows draft repository? Not quite, yet!


The draft repository will continue to be the development vehicle for all contributions, until we attain parity in features at the main repository. The integration of Windows Platform support has been initiated with the release of DPDK v19.05 and is expected to continue through 2019.


Watch the Roadmap page for announcements on Core libraries, Poll Mode drivers and features that will be added in the subsequent releases. As shared before, we are partnering with multiple networking vendors to expand the hardware ecosystem for DPDK on Windows.


Eventually, when the integration is complete, DPDK on Windows can remain stable, up to date enjoying the quality baseline as other platforms.


Ways to Contribute


Interested in participating? Help us make DPDK on Windows more stable!


Test the DPDK libraries on Windows and share your feedback! Head over to the getting started guide.


But wait this is just a Hello world! Looking for more? Try the Windows port at the DPDK-draft-Windows repository with the v18.08 branch and readme.


Do you have questions, feedback to share or want to report bugs? Do you have new use cases to support or want to make feature requests?


Write to us by registering for the DPDK development mail list dev@dpdk.org. Contribute patches under these guidelines, reference “dpdk-draft-windows” in contribution.


While we do our best to follow the forums used by the DPDK community, for quick direct access to the Microsoft Windows DPDK team, drop us an email at dpdkwin@microsoft.com.


Join us in the DPDK Windows Community call, under the guidance of the DPDK Technical Board to help shape the future of DPDK on Windows!


Thanks to the contributions from our partners at Intel and the DPDK Technical board for the guidance and the leadership.


Looking forward to hearing from you, Thanks for reading!


Harini Ramakrishnan


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