MSIX compatibility

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Hi Team,


I am looking for msix compatibility tool that would help us check if packages of type msi,appv or exe is suitable for msix or not ?

Also where can I find latest supportability on msix for topics like COM, services , drivers etc ?

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@Amit Kumar Drivers are not supported.  Services will be coming as part of the Spring 2020 release.  You can package and deploy via insider builds of Windows and the MSIX Packaging Tool.



@John Vintzel Is there a tool available in the market to check the compatibility of a MSI, AppV or MSI+MST or EXE for MSIX. 

There are third party tools that purport to help with this. It is hard for a Microsoft to recommend products as there is a fear of upsetting someone left off of the list. Fortunately, I don't work for Microsoft so here are some. Certainly both Flexera Admin Studio and Caphyon Advanced Installer come to mind. My own software (TMurgent), some of which are free community tools and some licensed, also provides analysis but is not a separate analysis like the others and would be used as part of the packaging operation to detect and remediate. The folks over at Rimo3 might have something also, but I'm not sure. In any case, such analysis typically only skims the surface of known compatibility issues. I can only detect issues on less than half of the applications that will have issues, and I might have the best rate at that. The best solution is often just to try creating the package and testing.