Accelerating sales cycle for faster deal closure with mixed reality
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One of the key aspects that companies want to improve is their sales cycle. Organizations look for innovations that can provide real-time solutions to address their business problems. Keeping up with changing customer demands and rising competition is crucial in this technological era. This is especially crucial for industries like manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, etc.


At Softweb Solutions, we understand the criticality of this situation, especially in this pandemic era, more than ever. We have worked with interactive, immersive technologies that have changed the paradigm of the manufacturing sector. Among these, mixed reality (MR) paves its path to the next-level business development experiences.


When we talk about MR, we ought to mention Microsoft’s HoloLens which has revolutionized the way industries design and practice sales processes. Being a Microsoft partner for over a decade, Softweb Solutions always looks forward to leveraging Microsoft’s tools and services to foster business growth of our clients. With MR solutions that assist in faster quote generation, better product cataloging, remote training and real-time assistance, Softweb Solutions has a proven track record of offering services to promote business growth of our clients.


We have been working with MR since Microsoft introduced it in 2017, catering to clients from a vast range of industries with immersive solutions. Let’s have a walk-through of one such instance where we provided MR solutions using HoloLens 2.


Transforming sales process with Softweb Solutions’ HoloLens 2 app

Tinsley Equipment Company LLC. is an organization based in Texas, USA that offers bulk material handle equipment for a range of industries across Americas. Given the size of the equipment and the need to show the products at the jobsite for retrofit and green field applications, the MR platform made a perfect fit. To stand apart from their competition, the Tinsley Equipment team wanted to provide their customers with a real-time quote for the equipment under consideration. They wanted to push the pricing discussion up sooner in the sales cycle for the team to immediately work with customers on options and alternatives that takes several weeks or months.


“This MR solution has aided our customers to better understand crucial equipment details that drive price differences to either move forward with the project or table it until another time. This is a great service to save time and has helped Tinsley to develop a reputation of transparency and honesty that, we are told, many customers haven’t seen in some time,” said Warren Ferguson of Tinsley Equipment Company.


Warren Ferguson brought the MR concept to Softweb Solutions who followed their thorough analysis process to get in-depth insights on Tinsley’s business processes, how they operate and the problems that they were looking to solve. The Softweb team worked for several months to develop and scale the application. With features that help Tinsley to gain maximum benefits out of the solution, it has become a mainstream tool for the company.


At Softweb Solutions, our MR capabilities offer limitless possibilities to companies like Tinsley who are focused on providing value to their clients. Moving on from traditional simulation techniques, our AR product visualization solution enhances the sales experience by offering an immersive 360-degree perspective of the subject or the equipment. We provided accurate 3D visualizations for interactive product catalog displays that allowed the technical and sales team to collaborate efficiently.


With Softweb Solutions’ AR CPQ solution, Tinsley can shorten time to competency. The technician wears the HoloLens headset which allows them to view the equipment details and get accurate measurements.



Some of the key features of the MR solution include:

  • Product management
    • Manage product details remotely and distribute them as asset bundle files for remote deployment
  • Quotation management
    • Select products from the lists
    • Add additional information
    • Preview and generate quotes
    • View quotes
    • CRM integration for single-point management
  • Dynamic product configuration
    • Guide customers on product standards and customization opportunities
    • Innovative customer experience by enabling them to choose their product specifications
  • 3D holograms
    • Showcase multiple products from the asset library
    • Give an immersive view of how the product(s) will look and fit at the customer’s location
  • Real-time quotations
    • Generate proposals through an integrated CRM/product management system
    • Reduce time-to-quote
    • Increases quote accuracy
  • Showcase augmented products
    • Create a rich, immersive and interactive user experience
    • Allow your customers to connect with your products with a 1:1 or 1:8 scale

The HoloLens 2 app allows the technicians to get spatial information with precision. They can present a variety of their products in the form of 3D holograms according to their customers’ configuration using our Augmented CPQ solution. With our AR CPQ app, the sales team can get the details of the equipment in real-time. They can quickly provide a viable quote and close the deal. This results in 2X faster deal closure and up to 25% increase in productivity.


The transformational capabilities of our MR solution for improved sales performance

By utilizing elements from both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), MR offers a unique immersive experience that allows the sales team to present their products in an interactive manner. The engineering team can get a detailed understanding and correct measurements of the equipment with 3D holograms. Moreover, by using our virtual product configurator solution, you can save time, process information faster and get data with greater accuracy. However, the advantages of MR are not limited to sales and quotations. Depending on your use case, the technology can be used to address your business requirements. To learn more about how Softweb Solutions can help you to transform your business, you can visit our website.


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